Athletic Greens vs Green Vibrance

Green supplements have become more and more popular in today’s modern world. Green supplements are nutrition-rich formulas that are derived from healthy fruits, veggies, grasses, or algae. They are often packed with lots of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. It is true that you can’t replace real fruits and vegetables with such supplements, but they are suitable for people struggling to consume those foods sufficiently. In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between two popular green supplements, which are Athletic Greens vs Green Vibrance. Which one is better?

About Athletic Greens
Athletic Greens is described by the manufacturer as an energy drink that’s actually healthy. This is very interesting, as most modern energy drinks are considered unhealthy. So, what does make Athletic Greens different from the others? Unlike conventional energy drinks which rely on stimulants and sugars, Athletic Greens is packed with three primary superfoods of algae, grasses, and fruits/vegetables. See also: Organifi vs Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens is so rich of natural and organic ingredients. Some of the notable ones include spirulina, alfalfa powder, chlorella powder, barley powder, wheatgrass powder, beet root, papaya, spinach, carrot, rose hip, kelp, pineapple, and dairy-free probiotics. It is said that each serving provides 8,453 mg alkaline raw superfoods and 3,569 mg natural extracts, herbs, and antioxidants.

One great thing about Athletic Greens is that the formula has been engineered to be allergen-free and vegan. This is good news for people with certain food allergies. The supplement is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.

The taste of Athletic Greens vs Green Vibrance is pretty good. It is not entirely enjoyable, but it is still tolerable. You can drink it with plain water without much problem.

About Green Vibrance
Just like Athletic Greens, Green Vibrance comes with all the three main superfoods, which are algae, grasses, and fruits/vegetables. This supplement has been very popular on the market. Many people love this supplement, and it has earned several awards as well. According to the manufacturer, Green Vibrance is a C3 product which focuses on Critical Cellular Care. In other words, it is designed to maintain cellular health in addition to providing important phytonutrients.

Green Vibrance comes with a clear and informative label. It is organic and GMO-free. The rich ingredients include spirulina, oat grass, barley grass, wheat grass, alfalfa sprouts, parsley, carrot, broccoli, spinach, kelp, rockweed, alaria, apple, and flaxseed. In addition, it also comes with six different enzymes to aid the digestion health, antioxidants for circulatory and liver support, adaptogens, and others.

The problem with Green Vibrance is the taste. It is awful, especially if you drink it with plain water. You will find difficulties if you are sensitive to a specific taste or texture. The most pleasant way to consume it is by mixing it with another drink, for example an orange juice.

Name Athletic GreensGreen Vibrance
Key Features- LIMITLESS ENERGY & POSSIBILITIES. Athletic Greens is the most nutrient dense, gut-health-improving, great tasting greens supplement available.- TRUTH IN TRANSPARENCY: With our constant improvement of Green Vibrance we detected a tiny quantity of soy and dairy, byproducts of the inclusion of probiotics in our formula.

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Between these two green supplements, Green Vibrance is generally more recommended because it comes with richer ingredients and nutrition. You can mask the awful taste by drinking it with another drink. However, if the taste is so important for you, you can choose Athletic Greens – which is also a good supplement with a more reasonable taste.

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