Cellucor C4 vs No Xplode

In the following post, we will see the comparisons between Cellucor C4 vs No Xplode, which are both popular pre-workout supplements on the market right now. By knowing their differences, you will be able to determine which one is the most suitable supplement that can give the most benefits to you.

Flavor Choices
First of all, let’s see the available flavor choices of Cellucor C4 vs No Xplode. After all, one of the reasons why Cellucor C4 is so popular is the abundant flavor choices. There are 13 flavors to choose from, including cherry limeade, strawberry margarita, pink lemonade, strawberry kiwi, berry blast, fruit punch, watermelon, green apple, icy blue razz, orange burst, juicy candy burst, lemon drop, and orange dreamsicle. All the flavors are great and enjoyable. Take a look at our previous post: Cellucor C4 vs Optimum Nutrition Pre.

On the other hand, No Xplode also has several flavor choices, although not as many as Cellucor C4. No Xplode is available in seven flavors, which include green apple, watermelon, grape, cherry limeade, fruit punch, blue raz, and caffeine-free fruit punch. They generally taste pretty good.

Both supplements come as powders that need to be mixed with water. However, Cellucor C4 does have better mixability and texture. You mix it in water easily without taking much time. The texture has smooth consistency. Hence, it is easily drinkable.

On the other hand, No Xplode takes more time to dissolve in water. You need to stir it thoroughly in order to mix it properly. Note that it tends to foam up when stirred, and the texture is a little thick. This is not a major problem, though, as you can still drink it well.

Serving Size and Nutritional Values
Cellucor C4 takes only one scoop (6 grams) per serving, which is smaller than No Xplode. The nutritional values are relatively smaller, too. However, this is actually an advantage. The smaller serving size makes it easier to take. It is easier on the stomach, too.

Cellucor C4 provides just enough nutrients to give you a boost. Each serving provides 150 mg caffeine anhydrous, 1.6 g CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, 1 g Creatine Nitrate, and 1 g Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate. Note that the caffeine content is not too high, which is a good thing. Excessive caffeine intake may cause some side effects such as stomach issues, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia.

On the other hand, No Xplode takes one scoop (18.5 grams) of the powder per serving. The nutritional values in each serving are higher, but this does not necessarily mean that No Xplode is better. This product uses proprietary blends, and the exact amounts of the ingredients in the proprietary blends are not disclosed. However, each serving comes with 275 mg caffeine, 5.1 g Myogenic Matrix (contains creatine), and 2.9 g Endura Shot (contain CarnoSyn beta-alanine).

No Xplode has a very high caffeine content. As the effect, it may give more side effects, such as stomach upsets, irritability, and insomnia. Nevertheless, this supplement is able to give a huge energy boost, and it will make you less tired.

Name Cellucor C4No Xplode
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Between these two products, Cellucor C4 is generally more recommended. It has better taste and texture. It provides just enough nutrients to give you a boost without going too excessive. It is also easier on the stomach.

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