Centrum Silver vs Centrum Advance

Centrum has produced various multivitamin supplements designed into the market. There are several different formulas that are specially created for different genders and age ranges. However, the choices may sometimes confuse us. No worries! Below, we will discuss the differences and comparisons between two Centrum supplements, Centrum Silver vs Centrum Advance. There are several things that set the two products apart, such as the functions, ingredients and nutritional values, and prices.

Functions and Benefits
First of all, we need to understand that Centrum Silver and Centrum Advance are designed for different needs and purposes. On one hand, Centrum Silver is a multivitamin designed that focuses on heart health, eye health, brain health, and whole body health – see the comparisons between Centrum vs Centrum Silver here. It simply nourishes your body with the nutrients that it contains. On the other hand, Centrum Advance is a complete multivitamin supplement that can enhance the energy release, metabolism, skin health, and immunity support. So, you can say that this supplement does more things.

Ingredients and Nutritional Values
Centrum Silver is loaded with various vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, calcium, and phosphorus. It uses sodium ascorbate and tocopherols to preserve its freshness,and note that it also contains corn starch and modified corn starch.

On the other hand, Centrum Advance comes with similar vitamins and minerals, but it is also enriched with some others such as lutein, magnesium, iron, iodine, chromium, manganese, selenium, zinc, copper, and molybdenum at the amounts that are required and suitable for your body. Some of the vitamins and minerals come with higher amounts. Since Centrum Silver does not come with these additional minerals, you can say that Centrum Advance is indeed a more balanced and complete multivitamin supplement.

However, Centrum Advance does contain small amounts of sucrose, glucose syrup, and starch. While the sugar levels are not particularly high, you still need to be careful with your sugar intake, especially if you are diabetic or have the risk.

Usage and Effectiveness
Both are very good multivitamin supplements. They can help you fulfill your daily nutritional needs conveniently. They can help you feel more refreshed, more alert, and more powerful every day. With either Centrum Silver or Centrum Advance, you are only required to take one tablet daily. Convenient.

Finally, we also need to compare the prices of Centrum Silver vs Centrum Advance. Unsurprisingly, Centrum Silver is available at a significantly lower price point. This is because it is a simpler formula. You can get a bottle which contains 285 tablets with less than twenty bucks. On the other hand, Centrum Advance is more expensive; one bottle that contains 100 tablets costs a few more bucks than the Silver supplement.

Name Centrum SilverCentrum Advance
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Between these two supplements, Centrum Silver can be your choice if you only need to fulfill your daily nutritional needs without any special requirement. It is much more efficient in terms of cost. However, if you need to boost your energy and metabolism, Centrum Advance is the way to go.

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