DigestaCure vs Serovera

In this article, we will discuss the comparison between DigestaCure vs Serovera, two dietary supplements that are said to be able to improve your immunity and digestive health. These supplements indeed look similar, as they have identical serving sizes and some similar ingredients. So, which one is better?

Read on below to learn more about:
– The functions and benefits of these dietary supplements
– How to consume DigestaCure and Serovera
– The ingredients in each supplement
– The potential side effects, if any, that you need to know
– Which product that is generally more recommended

What is DigestaCure?
DigestaCure is a natural dietary supplement designed to balance and modulate the immune system. It boasts that it is used by top practitioners in immune restoration, including Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D. Ph.D., who is said to be the father of holistic medicine and now the president of AMHA (American Holistic Medical Association). See also: Omega XL vs Mega Red.

This product is produced by Pristine Nutraceuticals for curing autoimmune disorders. Autoimmunity is a disorder which causes a human body’s immune system to mistakenly attack itself. There are at least 80 different types of autoimmune disease, and some studies have shown that autoimmunity can be inherited. DigestaCure claims to be able to address the root cause of autoimmunity and eliminate all the symptoms forever.

The company says that DigestaCure is not a drug. They describe this product as a food material that can be consumed by the immune system. The supplement prevents the immune system from attacking itself. However, the supplement may take some time to show effectiveness.

DigestaCure comes with a variety of features to make it convenient to consume and suitable for a wide range of people. It is a non-prescription product, so you can easily purchase it from a nearby drugstore or from an online store. The company also says that it does not react with any other medication, so it is safe to consume even if you are currently taking some medication.

Ingredients of DigestaCure
DigestaCure is made from one hundred percent natural ingredients. It does not use any synthetic chemical, filler, or preservative. The dosage is 1 capsule per day, or as directed by your physician. Each capsule contains 500 mg of the special blend.

The first ingredient of DigestaCure is aloe from the 20th generation of a cultured aloe botanical. Note that this is not aloe vera. Aloe contains various components that can maintain the immune system, such as long-chain polymannan, glucomannans, glucopolymannans, polysaccharides, mucopolysaccharides, glycoproteins, and glycolipids. It is said that aloe is also able to fight the AIDS virus (HIV) in the body.

Note that the glucomannan content of DigestaCure is pretty high. This is a very rich soluble fiber that can control bad cholesterol levels and aid in weight loss.

DigestaCure also contains natural plant enzymes and natural amino acids. These nutrients are essential for proper digestion and overall health. The enzymes help to break down sugars, proteins, and fats during digestion. The amino acids act as antioxidants that prevent damage that may be caused by free radicals and also prevent some types of cancer.

Potential Side Effects of DigestaCure
DigestaCure claims to be all natural, free from any synthetic ingredient. It is suitable for vegetarians and people with allergy. It does not contain any animal product, dairy, aloin, soy, gluten, corn, wheat, yeast, or rice. It doesn’t contain fillers or preservatives, so the quality is ensured.

As mentioned above, it is said that DigestaCure does not react with any other medicine. As the effect, it is safe for consumption even if you are taking some medication at the moment.

However, make sure that you consume DigestaCure vs Serovera with enough water. This is because of the glucomannan content. If consumed without sufficient water, the pill may break before reaching your stomach, letting the fiber to swell and cause a dangerous blockage. Well, it is quite unlikely to happen, but, just in case, you still need to drink enough water when consuming any supplement that contains fiber.

What is Serovera?
DigestaCure vs Serovera may look similar because Serovera also offers similar functions and benefits. It describes itself as a modulator for the immune system and colon health. It claims to be able to restore the health of your immune system and gastrointestinal system.

Serovera says that it has been used by people with autoimmune disorders with good results. The secret behind it is a proprietary formula that uses certified freeze-dried organic polysaccharides and mucilaginous. It works by releasing mucopolysaccharides to bind to particular receptors that line the intestinal tract. The mucopolysaccharides create a mesh network that protects the intestinal tract. They are then eventually engulfed by the gastrointestinal wall.

Serovera also comes with several potential benefits. It may help to prevent or reduce future inflammation, promote tissue growth, enhance cellular metabolism, provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects, and serve as intracellular antioxidants.

Ingredients of Serovera
Just like DigestaCure, the recommended dosage of Sorevera is 1 capsule daily or as directed by your physician. Each capsule contains a proprietary blend as much as 500 mg.

Serovera contains organic freeze-dried aloe mucilaginous polysaccharide (AMP). This is a long-chain molecule that is composed of mannose and glucose molecules. Actually, it is just one of at least 200 different components that you can find in the aloe vera plant. It is beneficial for treating inflammation, providing antioxidant properties, and modulating the immune system.

In addition, Serovera also contains L-glutamine. This is an amino acid that is mainly known for its ability to aid in weight loss and build muscles. However, it is also beneficial for promoting brain and digestive health, enhancing athletic performance, and treating a leaky gut.

Potential Side Effects of Serovera
Serovera is generally free from side effects. It is completely natural, it does not contain any synthetic chemical. It is also suitable for vegetarians. It does not contain gluten. However, Serovera may contain soy, so it is not suitable for people who are allergic to soy.

When consuming Serovera, make sure that you take it with enough water. This is to prevent blockage. Although the chance is low, the fiber content may swell and cause a blockage if taken without enough water.

DigestaCure vs Serovera

Name DigestaCureSerovera
Key Features- DigestaCure AUTOIMMUNE-X offers a money back guarantee - All Natural, No Prescription Required, No Side-Effects, and No Reactions With Any Medication/s- SEROVERA® AMP 500 is an immune system modulator and colon health supplement - GI-formulated supplement that has been used with great success by individuals with autoimmune disorders.

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In general, DigestaCure is more recommended. This product has richer ingredients. It has been used by a lot of people and practitioners, and it is effective for treating autoimmune disorders. Also, it is free from side effects. It does not contain any ingredient that may cause allergy.

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