Dymatize ISO 100 vs ISO Sensation 93

Whey protein is convenient and they are everywhere that you can always grab one to enrich the diet, such as the popular options like Dymatize ISO 100 Vs ISO Sensation 93. These protein powders are formulated properly to help users improve their body and most importantly adding an adequate amount into their diet. However, not all proteins are the same and before deciding to choose one, let’s see what the supplements can offer and what to expect here. 

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Choose a Protein Powder
  • What are Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93
  • How are the Taste of Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93
  • What are the Ingredients in Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93
  • What are the Benefits of Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93
  • Are Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 Safe to Consume
  • Dymatize ISO 100 Vs ISO Sensation 93

Choosing Protein Powder

Supplementation is great because they are convenient and we have taken the advantage of various multivitamins or supplements to improve health. Naturally our body requires them from the diet to function properly to strive and to improve health in some cases but, not all of us are able to have balance meal everyday and sometimes it is difficult to get an enough amount of certain nutrient just from the diet as it means we have to consume certain nutrient rich food in a larger amount than usual.

Protein is one of them and on the daily we can get them from both animal or plant based ingredients however, we don’t always have them everyday for various reasons. This is why protein powder or whey protein is very popular as a supplementation to improve the protein intake without actually having a protein rich meal all the time. Just like with everything, not all protein powders are the same so we have to choose wisely before deciding the option.

Protein can be derived from various ingredients but whey is the most commonly used and the most often you will meet out there. The complex substance contains all essential amino acids and is easily digested by the body as well which is why it can boost energy and reduce stress level after you have exerted the physical performance. Whey isolates and concentrates are often used after workout while for the pre-workout people choose supplements to boost energy levels like C4 Sport Vs Extreme from Cellucor.

Not only whey which is derived from cow’s milk, protein can be taken from other sources such as soy too. This type of protein is good for women who are in their menopause age as it can help prevent osteoporosis by supporting bone mass as well as reducing high cholesterol. In addition you can find protein on typical ingredients like egg, brown rice, pea, and hemp. Surprisingly, different sources and formulations are beneficial for different types of users as well.

For example, if your target is to build muscle then the protein powder must have a high biological value meaning it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Whey protein is a great solution for the option. Losing weight requires protein too while managing the other consumption like carbs so for the supplement we have to choose those with no added sugar like dextrin or with BCAAs because the latter can cause muscle gain and it can increase your weight despite not in the form of fat.

 Dymatize ISO 100ISO Sensation 93

Product Dimensions5.91 x 5.91 x 9.84 inches9.84 x 9.84 x 10.04 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 Pounds5.95 Pounds
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About Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93

Regardless of the purpose, protein powder is undeniably convenient because we can take it anytime and since they just need to be mixed with water, it is possible to also carry it with you to the office or gym and while travelling. Choosing the food and cooking while managing to balance everything out is another story, especially if you don’t have time to invest on. We are also often bored with the same food so this is why it is difficult to get the same amount of macro or micronutrient from the diet only.

Thankfully, there are more than plenty of supplements that we can opt for, especially when talking about protein powder. Whey protein is the most common and the most popular because many of us are drinking it as a post-workout and to enrich diet so choosing the protein source that is easy to absorb and utilize by the body is necessary. Brands like Dymatize and Ultimate Nutrition make some of the best whey protein powders in the market with their high quality formulation and lots or variants to choose from.

They also have many favorites such as Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 but you can find many other alternatives as well from the two like the Elite 100% Whey from Dymatize or Protein Fat Burner from Ultimate Nutrition which is enriched with fat burning ingredients like green tea and green coffee bean. For those who want to build muscle or recover from intense workout, the popular options will be two ideal protein supplements to consume.

Just like many other supplements that you can find in the market, there is no strict regulation for whey protein but in general they are safe to consume while the result may depend on each person’s body. The Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 are promising easy absorption and effective utilization of the protein by the body. The ingredients or formulations are similar but not identical so we can choose which of them will work or seems to benefit you the most.

Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 Taste

People love delicious food and beverages which is why whey protein is added with flavorings. On its own this protein is not going to taste as great or even unbearable for some which is why the formulation is not only to construct a beneficial combination of whey proteins but also adding it with an attractive taste as well. Both Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 are available in various flavors to choose from but personally we prefer to stick with chocolate or coffee based variants.

You can pick other flavors and ISO Sensation 93 even has the natural flavor too but they are not as tasty as the chocolate one. The powders of these proteins are very fine and they seem to mix well with water too. We do think they are not too thick however, at least not to the smoothie consistency so water is a good solution but people can add it to their coffee or milk as well to improve the taste or to mask whey protein taste and texture.

Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 Ingredients

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 are made from because usually each brand has their own solution and technology to make the whey isolate or concentrate and this seems what Ultimate Nutrient is doing for the ISO Sensation 93. This whey isolate is claimed to be made using IsoChill which is a process of using an ultra-low temperature micro-filtration to purify the protein. It is added with flavoring depending on what flavors you choose, Colostrum, Glutamine complex, SI complex, D complex, and other ingredients. 

On the other hand the ISO 100 is a combination of Hydrolyzed whey isolate and Whey isolate. The product doesn’t specify the ratio but since hydrolyzed is put first, we assume that it has a higher amount compared to the whey isolate. It also has flavorings and if you choose the peanut butter, they use peanut powder to naturally improve the beverage taste. This whey protein uses sucralose to sweeten the product while ISO Sensation 93 uses acesulfame potassium. 

Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 Benefits

Hydrolyzed whey protein means the protein is broken into smaller molecules to improve the absorption or digestion and this method is also commonly used in baby formula as well for the same purpose. The IsoChill method is probably similar to other low temperature processing to separate the protein from fat and lactose and is also currently used by many other manufacturers but we don’t have enough resources to determine the difference. ISO Sensation 93 also has Glutamine complex and Glutamine is an essential amino acid produced by the body.

Its main purpose is serving the building blocks for proteins and in use after exercise, it may reduce fatigue or decrease muscle soreness. The SI complex has ALA to prevent muscle damage caused by free radicals, D-Pinitol is said to promote creatine uptake and retention which is great for muscle building but the benefit is currently unclear as there is also study that suggest it doesn’t affect creatine. As for the 4-hydroxyisoleucine, it seems that the substance can stimulate glucose uptake by muscle.

Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93 Safety

Most whey proteins are usually safe to take, including for these Dymatize ISO 100 and ISO Sensation 93. Depending on the person, there might be some ingredients that you may want to avoid and this vary widely based on preference or belief. Among these ingredients, the most controversial is probably the Acesulfame potassium in ISO Sensation 93 because it contains carcinogen methylene chloride. Some side effects like headaches, depression, nausea, and even cancer are identified from the long-term exposure to methylene chloride. 

Dymatize ISO 100 vs ISO Sensation 93

Both whey proteins are very useful for those who want to improve the protein intake conveniently. They do have different formulations because the actual ingredients are not the same and the prominent difference is probably because ISO 100 is combining hydrolyzed whey isolate with whey isolate while the ISO Sensation 93 combines other blends into the formulation specified for muscle building. Both use artificial sweetener but acesulfame has a sour reputation about the possible side effects. 

- 1.6 lbs of Dymatize ISO100 Gourmet Chocolate Protein Powder (23 Servings)
- Scientifically proven, fast-digesting, hydrolyzed, 100% whey protein isolate
- 25 grams of protein, 5.5 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), & 2.7 grams of Leucine per serving
- Less than 1 gram of fat & sugar per serving
- GLUTAMINE COMPLEX – Glutamine is the building block of protein and critical to muscle growth. Iso 93 contains a complex of glutamine peptides, glutamine, and N-Acetyl L-Glutamine
- CLEAN AND PURE – Iso 93 contains 30 grams of protein, 130 calories, only 50mg of sodium and a single gram of carbohydrates
- COLOSTRUM – Colostrum, known as natures first food, is a natural ingredient rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Iso 93 is one of the only whey protein isolate powders to feature this ingredient.
- INCREDIBLE TASTE – Iso Sensation 93 is known for its purity, clean formula, and industry-leading taste. Try Iso 93 in gourmet flavors like chocolate fudge, café Brazil, Banana Ice Cream and more


You can choose any of these supplements but we have to use it wisely. Personally we will recommend the ISO 100 or the Elite version if you want the richer whey protein blends because the hydrolyzed protein is easier to digest and absorb so it may be faster in delivering the benefit.

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