Excelerol vs Adderall

We know that there are countless supplements out there. Sometimes people are not careful enough when reading the label and end up purchasing and consuming supplements that are not suitable for them, so they can’t get the exact benefit they wished from taking the supplement. In this example we will pick the famous brain supplement Excelerol with a supplement that is aimed at Amphetamine, ADD, and ADD user, the ADDBack Adderall. If you want to know how they differ, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Excelerol and ADDBack Adderall
– What Excelerol and ADDBack Adderall are made of
– Excelerol vs ADDBack Adderall

About Excelerol
Excelerol is a brain health supplements or commonly called nootropics by many people. This supplement is manufactured by Accelerated Intelligence Inc., which been active since 1975. Taken from Excelerol site, they claimed that this supplement is a new cutting edge of nutraceutical brain health supplement, which formulated or designed with clinically studied ingredients. Excelerol works fast and is perfect for those who currently looking for a supplement that can enhance their focus and concentration and for those who seeking a way to improve their memory.

Excelerol Ingredients
Excelerol ingredients including Niacin, Kola Nut Extract, Dimethylaminoethanol, Pantothenic Acid, Cobalamin and Guarana Extract. Niacin or Vitamin B3 is an organic compound that beneficial to prevent cardiovascular disease but also helps brain function. Kola Nut extract is caffeine, which contains nut of Cola sharp and Cola acuminate. DMAE is believe to be able to speed up the production of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter responsible for carrying messages between brain cells and from brain cells to muscle and control body movement. , Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5 is said to have the same function as DMAE. Cobalamin or Vitamin B12 is known to increasing cognition while Guarana Extract is known to improve thinking speed and some aspects of memory. If you need another brain supplement recommendation, read our article on Cebria vs Focus Factor here.

About Adderall
Adderall is commonly used in medication to treat people who suffer from Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD and narcolepsy. This medication works by changing the amount if certain natural substance located in the brain. Adderall contains four salts of the two enantiomers of amphetamine, which is a stimulant of the phenethylamine class for central nervous system. Aside from used to treat ADHD, Adderall is also used as performance enhancer and cognitive enhancer or use as recreational drug, such as euphoriant and aphrodisiac. However, in this article we are not going to review Adderall itself, but the supplement to eliminate the side effect of Adderall. Since this medication is known to have some undesired side effects. Among those available, we are going to choose ADDBack Adderall as an example.

About ADDBack Adderall
ADDBack Adderall is a dietary supplement designed to be taken by Amphetamine, ADD, and ADD medication users. This supplements works by replenish reuptake inhibitor from the increased activity from neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine that have been drained by the use of those drugs. This is why, ADDBack Adderall is made with ingredients that proven to alleviate the negative side effects like fatigue, depression, and day crash. This supplement can also be used to help decrease Amphetamine drug tolerance.

ADDBack Adderall Ingredients
ADDBack Adderall ingredients are Magnesium, L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, 5 HTP and Ashwagandha. Magnesium is beneficial can help reduce drug tolerance. L-Tyrosine can increase dopamine in brain. L-Theanine helps alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 5-HTP is a mood booster that works by increasing serotonin while Ashwagandha is beneficial to enhance cognition, mental focus and concentration, but it also able to help reduce anxiety.

Excelerol vs Adderall

Name ExcelerolAdderall
Key Features- POWERFUL BRAIN SUPPLEMENT - Supports Memory, Focus,Concentration, & Alertness - EXCELLENT MEMORY BOOSTER SUPPORT - Naturally support your memory - DOCTOR RECOMMENDED - Brain Focus Supplement is Dr recommended- The Benefits of ADDBack may - OFFSET NEXT DAY CRASH - LOWER DRUG TOLERANCE - ALLEVIATE NEXT DAY FATIGUE - ADDBack is a recovery supplement used to alleviate the negative side effects from using Adderall.

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Now we know, why they are different. It is safer to read all the label first before consuming anything, since you may mistake what you are consuming for something else. In our opinion, Adderall and ADDBack Adderall should only be taken when it is necessary, while brain supplement like Excelerol can be taken in your healthy condition.

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