Florastor vs Align

People experiencing irritable bowel syndrome or some other stomach problems are often recommended to take a probiotic supplement like Florastor and Align. These probiotic supplements can help to improve the digestion process and maintain your digestive health. However, not all probiotic supplements are the same! There are various probiotic strains that may be used to provide different benefits. So, continue reading below to see the comparisons between Florastor vs Align to determine which one is the suitable supplement for you.

Different Probiotics
Both Florastor and Align are single-strain probiotic supplements. In other words, each of the two supplements only contains one type of probiotics. However, they do carry different probiotics. Florastor contains Saccharomyces boulardii. Each serving has about 250 mg of the probiotics, which is equivalent to approximately 5 billion CFUs. See also: Florastor vs Acidophilus.

This probiotic strain is commonly found in lychee and magosteen fruits. It does not naturally occur in human stomach, but its consumption has shown to be safe and useful. It will only remain in the gastrointestinal tract, where it is supposed to be, without spreading to other parts of the body. It is beneficial for treating cholera symptoms, blastocystosis, acute gastroenteritis, Heliobacter pylori infection, and diarrhea.

On the other hand, Align contains 1 billion CFUs of Bifidobacteriuminfantis per capsule. This is a lactic acid bacterium which is naturally found in oral cavity and in the gastrointestinal tract. It is especially useful for treating irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gas, bloating, and abdominal pain. It is also able to reduce the inflammation caused by chronic fatigue syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and psoriasis.

Promoted Uses
Florastor is a little more specific in its usage. The manufacturer has promoted the use of Florastor for treating specific conditions, such as digestive imbalance caused by antibiotics, stress, and travel. It is also good for maintaining digestive health. For regular consumption, you only need to take one capsule twice daily. However, for treating serious conditions such as a pathogenic infection or antibiotic-associated diarrhea, you should take two capsules twice daily with the appropriate antibiotics. You should continue taking Florastor for about three days after the discontinuation of the antibiotics.

On the other hand, despite the wide benefits of the probiotic strain, Align is simple promoted as a supplement for digestive health. Still, you may take Align for treating IBS, bloating, or abdominal pain. The recommended dose is one capsule daily, or as directed by your doctor.

Side Effects
Common side effects of both Florastor vs Align include mild gas and bloating, but these are only temporary. These supplements should have no major side effects if taken as directed. However, you should be careful if you have weakened immune system. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement if you have such condition. You should also avoid such supplements if you have small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

Name FlorastorAlign
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For treating IBS, bloating, or abdominal pain, you may take Align. You may also take Align for regular consumption. Meanwhile, Florastor is more recommended for treating diarrhea caused by digestive imbalance, antibiotics, or travelling. You should choose Florastor to prevent stomach problems when taking antibiotics.

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