Garden of Life vs Rainbow Light

Of course, good nutrition is very important for every part of our life, but it becomes much, much more crucial during pregnancy. Why? The baby receives the needed nutrients from the mother, regardless of whether you have enough or not. As the effect, many moms are experiencing vitamin or mineral deficiency during pregnancy. In order to get enough nutrients for you and your baby, you can consider taking a prenatal multivitamin. Below, we will discuss about two of the most popular prenatal multivitamins, Garden of Life vs Rainbow Light. Which one is better?

Nutritional Values
Both Garden of Life Vitamin Code Prenatal and Rainbow Light Prenatal One are multivitamins that have been designed especially for pregnant moms – for the regular daily multivitamin, see Garden of Life vs Juice Plus. There are various vitamins and minerals that pregnant moms need in order to feed their babies, including vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E, K, iron, calcium, copper, iodine, zinc, and magnesium.

However, the amounts in the two supplements are indeed different, and there are lots of numbers so comparing them all would be impractical. In general, Garden of Life is high in vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, vitamin D3, iodine, and iron. However, the levels of vitamin K, zinc, and copper are relatively low.

On the other hand, Rainbow Light is high in vitamin C, iron, iodine, zinc, and copper. But it uses vitamin D2 instead of the more absorbable vitamin D3. In addition, this supplement contains folic acid instead of folate, which is a real problem if you have MTHFR issues.

Ingredients and Allergy Issues
Garden of Life contains rich blends of seeds and grains. But some women may be allergic to one or more of the ingredients, so make sure that you check the ingredient list before purchasing. This supplement is non-GMO, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free. But it is not certified to be soy-free even though it does not contain soy proteins. The ingredients are very good because it does not use any filler, preservative, or artificial color.

On the other hand, Rainbow Light does not have the non-GMO label. But it is vegan, and it is free of dairy products, nuts, soy, wheat, gluten, eggs, yeast, fish, shellfish, sugar, and artificial additives.

Perhaps one of the considerations when choosing between Garden of Life vs Rainbow Light is whether you prefer taking a once-a-day supplement or not. During pregnancy, some women experience bouts of forgetfulness. If this is the case, taking a once-a-day supplement is more convenient.

Garden of Life is taken three times a day. Each serving is equal to one capsule. This may be inconvenient for some people. In addition, the taste is not very good.

Rainbow Light is great because it only needs to be taken once a day. The formula is gentle on the stomach, so it is unlikely to cause any digestion problem. The taste is also relatively better.

Name Garden of LifeRainbow Light
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If you have to avoid folic acid, Garden of Life is the way to go. It contains folate, so it will not cause any MTHFR-related problem. Otherwise, choose Rainbow Light. This supplement is convenient as you only need to take one serving per day. This supplement is gentle on the stomach.

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