GNC Triflex vs Oesteo Bi Flex

If you regularly indulge in any sport or have any age related conditions such as arthritis then you understand just how horrible joint pain can be. It’s a wonderful relief to find a way to ease some of that pain and go about your daily routines. This article focuses on some of the joint pain relievers available in the market namely GNC Triflex and Osteo Bi flex. We will highlight the components found in each as well as the benefits and side effects if any. Here is an analysis of GNC Triflex vs Osteo Bi Flex that will help you make the right choice when it comes to dietary supliments.

Osteo Bi Flex contains Glusamine, MSM, UC-II collagen and 5-loxin. Glucosamine is made of amino acids that occurs naturally in our bodies and help in the formation of cartilage. UC-II is responsible for the formation of the articulate cartilage that cover the bones and allows them to glide over each other smoothly. 5-loxin contain AKBA which helps to ease joint flare ups. MSM is found in vegetables, grains and fruits as well as the human body. It is part of the articulate cartilage and is largely responsible for healthy connective tissues. GNC Triflex also contains Glucosamine and MSM, but has a number of additional ingredients such as Hyluromic acid, vitamin C, Sodium and Chondroitin sulfate helps to rebuild cartilage.

Side effects while it’s not advisable to take any of these two if you have a shell fish allergy (because glucosamine is extracted from their exoskeleton) it is safe for anybody else. People who have used Osteo Bi Flex have reported suffering from hair loss, constipation, diarrhea, as well as nausea. On the other hand GNC Triflex is not advisable if you are looking for relief from acure pain. It lacks anti-inflammatory bad analgesic so it will not offer fast relief. It is however good or chronic pain and treatment of atheist is.

Name GNC TriflexOesteo Bi Flex
Key Features- Clinical-strength dose of glucosamine and chondroitin - plus MSM - Supports joint mobility and flexibility* - The only leading brand with Joint Shield 5-Loxin Advanced (100 mg of Boswellia serrata Extract) - Includes Joint Shield, Glucosamine and Chondroitin

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Now that you have had a look at our GNC Triflex vs Oesteo Bi Flex you can make an informed decision on what to choose remember that what you need is a formulae that will support healthy joint maintenance, repair and prevent development of atheists as well as manage long term problems. My take is that GNC Triflex is your best bet.

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