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Supplementation is very convenient to enrich your diet as we can take them daily without much fuss. They are also believed to improve or support overall health which is why there are plenty of options in the market such as those from MegaFood Vs Garden of Life. As a brand they carry a massive collection of daily supplements like vitamin and minerals and if you wonder which will fit you the most, see below about what these supplements can offer.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • MegaFood Vs Garden of Life

Multivitamin for Well Being

Our body needs nutrition to strive and we are getting most of them from the diet which should be balanced as well. Unfortunately, not all of us are able to have a balanced diet and packed with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals everyday. Moreover in modern day where you are living a busy life and have no time to cook at home. Even by cooking at home we will still need a guide as to what to consume and how to cook it so the nutrient won’t get wasted.

If you don’t have the time to cook a balanced meal at home, it is probably more convenient to take supplements on the daily. To know whether your body lack of vitamins, there are usually various symptoms we can see easily such as brittle hair and nails which is a sign of lacking in Biotin or vitamin B7, Mouth ulcers or crack in the corners of mouth which is the sign of deficiencies in iron or B vitamins, or Bleeding gums that is an effect of diet lacking in Vitamin C.

If you have been seeing some of these signs or other vitamin deficiencies, getting the supplement sounds like a wise decision but, before you go to the store and pick up a bottle, it is best to know what we can consume everyday since just like medication, it is best to take only those to address our concerns or health issues. There are lots of supplement variants out there for different concerns and for different users such as the Florajen Vs VSL3 which are ideal for those with gut problems.

The most versatile option is probably multivitamin as the name suggests they are containing many essential nutrients that are supposed to be present in our diet but since this is quite difficult to achieve on the daily, taking a multivitamin will be a very convenient option. Usually multivitamins will contain vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as various necessary minerals such as magnesium and calcium including B vitamins that all can help boost the immune system while giving you energy throughout the day.

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If you have certain concern like heart health, other supplement like fish oil is also safe to be consumed on the daily and while there is still much research need to be done to make sure the actual efficacy but there are also studies suggesting their benefit. In addition, common minerals like magnesium are often the culprit of some of your health issues such as lack of energy or migraine and muscle cramping. If you experienced those, chances are you are lacking in magnesium and taking the supplement will be very beneficial.

About MegaFood and Garden of Life

Multivitamin in general is the most convenient option when you look for a complete supplement because they contain many daily recommendations and packed on a tiny capsule so we can easily take or bring them during work or travel. But, the popularity of supplements also lead to the more products being introduced in the market and the down side is we have to choose from a vast amount of options which all look the same and have the same claim as well.

Since multivitamin efficacy is not regulated, it is naturally difficult to choose one yet, they are also safe to consume and unless taken in an extensive amount don’t cause severe side effects, depending on the health condition or concern. If you are not sure about which brand to go for, we do recommend to stick with the popular options since they have a high chance to satisfy you as well while safety wise we can be more assured that they are using safe ingredients.

Among those we can easily get at almost any drug store, grocery or pharmacies, MegaFood and Garden of Life surely two familiar names for most people. These brands are easily recognizable by their branding since they are very well-known for the quality and tons of supplement options from the collection. Just like most manufacturers, these two carry almost any OTC supplements for almost anyone as well from children to over 55 with proper formulation and even gender specific formulation.

As for the option, we are going to take their one daily variant of multivitamin since this is the most convenient and we believe most of us are not a fan of taking supplement few times during the day which is why one daily is a great solution to achieve better nutrient intake while also don’t have to deal with preparing the balance diet. If you also think the same then these variants will be a great option.

MegaFood and Garden of Life Caplet and Price

As regular multivitamins, these supplements from MegaFood and Garden of Life are about the same as many other similar vitamins that come in capsule form. These solid capsules are very firm but are notably average in size so we don’t think they are hard to swallow as long as we can drink water. They don’t have a particular smell as well but the older batch of MegaFood is often described as food-like making them easier to consume.

Coming in a bottle they are convenient to bring along during your travel or in your bag in case you prefer to take them other than in the morning. Price wise they are not expensive as well while we are sure there are plenty that cost less than these brands. For a bottle containing 60 caplets of supplement MegaFood is often sold at $36.12 while Garden of Life One Daily, in this sample the women supplement is sold at $34.44.

MegaFood and Garden of Life Vitamins and Minerals

Moving further, let’s see what MegaFood and Garden of Life multivitamin can offer and as a multivitamin itself, you will find a complete solution from both brands but in different amounts of dosage. This is probably what makes some people choose a certain type of supplement and the prominent difference here us that Garden of Life contains a higher amount of vitamins in their formulation. Take the vitamin A as an example which is already 100% or 900 mcg in this supplement.

On the other hand MegaFood only contains 20% of the daily value or 180 mcg. Another example is the vitamin C which is also 100% of daily value in Garden of Life compared to only 67% on the MegaFood. As for the type of vitamins, both brands are very similar however including the minerals options but almost all of them are in a higher dosage than the first brand; only Iron and Manganese that are lower compared to MegaFood.

MegaFood and Garden of Life Benefits

The benefits of MegaFood and Garden of Life are based on the vitamins included in the formulation so for example the vitamin A is known for eye health including protecting against night blindness where vitamin A deficiency is often caused. This condition is due to the lack of rhodopsin which the major component is vitamin A. Rhodopsin is found in the retina and is extremely sensitive to light so people with the condition can see properly during the day but decrease as it gets darker.

Vitamin C as an example is very famous as a powerful antioxidant to strengthen our body’s natural defenses. This molecule can boost the immune system and protect it from harmful molecules known as free radicals which are linked to many chronic diseases.

MegaFood and Garden of Life Side Effects

Now let’s see the side effect of MegaFood and Garden of Life as a multivitamin and do note that our body can react differently to vitamin in its pure form or the product as multivitamin itself. In general these supplements are safe but it doesn’t mean safe for everyone. Especially for Garden of Life MyKind Organics for women, there have been many reviews regarding its side effect of this supplement that gives users rashes and red, itchy skin which is probably due to niacin flush or allergic reaction to the vitamin.

If you are experiencing such side effects, it is wise to consult with your doctor just to be safe and understand the cause or whether you have certain sensitivity to one of the ingredients. For niacin flush, this condition is harmless but can be uncomfortable.

MegaFood Vs Garden of Life

Both of these supplements are good alternatives if your diet is not balanced yet or just to get a proper amount of vitamin and minerals on the daily. They have very similar types of vitamins and minerals but in general the dosage of Garden of Life, especially the My Kind Organics for women is much higher than those we can find in MegaFood yet, for the Niacin that cause niacin flush, both are very similar at 20 and 18.4 mg respectively.

- Slightly more expensive
- Has overall lower dosage
- Safe by most users
- Slightly cheaper
- Some vitamins are in higher dosage
- Some users develop rash and hives


All in all it is best to choose the supplement that is addressing your health concern. Both MegaFood and Garden of Life are alternatives to a balanced diet, the type of nutrients we not always can have everyday. In comparison, we would like to recommend MegaFood as it seems safer for users.

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