MegaFood Vs Rainbow Light

There are so many types of supplements out there depending on which match with your health concern. They are convenient to take and most of the time also affordable such as the popular MegaFood Vs Rainbow Light. These supplements are good for people whose diets are not balanced or suffer from some vitamins/minerals deficiencies. If you think your body lacks these important nutrients, let’s see what these supplements can offer so then you can choose wiser or which seems to be better for the body.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Do You Need a Supplement
  • What are MegaFood and Rainbow Light
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  • MegaFood Vs Rainbow Light

Supplement for Better Health

Health is probably the most important thing in your life because without health then it will be difficult for our daily life activities. Sadly, many of us are not aware of bad habits that can deteriorate the health even further or even when one is already aware, sometimes it is difficult to move away from the activities or foods and beverages that are harmful. Healthy diet sounds easy but in fact it is very difficult to maintain and nowadays they are costly as well.

Seeing how healthy food options are not easily available for many people is not what we hope to experience in the future but very little we as individuals can do about it. What we can do for now is maintain body health as much as we can by eliminating bad habits and trying to get enough nutrients for the body to strive or to prevent from possible diseases that we all know can be very concerning or even deadly such as heart diseases, obesity, cancer, etc.

Another thing that makes a healthy diet very difficult to achieve is the amount and variety of food that we have to consume to get the recommended daily intake. They not only require you to spare some time to think and consider what food is the source of certain vitamins/minerals but also can get costly thus, it can be not very affordable for everyone. Especially in many modern cities, the cost of fresh produce is often more expensive than the typical fast foods.

The solution for this is supplementation and this is why it makes sense that it seems most people here in the U.S. are consuming a type of supplement to address their health concerns. Supplements may come with every claim but they are not the best source as well since professionals are still recommending a healthy diet to fuel our body. But, in some cases they can be beneficial, especially if you are experiencing a certain type of deficiencies based on diagnosis or how they show in your body.

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It is always best to know what your body is lacking and what supplement to get since in most cases it will be unnecessary to just get any vitamins if they are not currently lacking from our diet. This is also why you hear many supplements don’t work. Overall, there are 13 essential vitamins which are important for the body to function, grow, and develop as well as healing on its own. These are also added with 16 minerals that our body needs in varying amounts.

About MegaFood and Rainbow Light

It can be a bit time consuming and confusing if you have not consulted to your physician yet but if possible it is always wise to ask for professional assistance in what type of vitamins you will need or what health concern we are dealing with. But, if you are only taking supplements for overall health, usually most people will go with their one daily, multivitamin type that are sold by numerous brands out there. We personally recommend those from well-known names for safety reasons.

Since supplements are not treated the same as medicine by the FDA, their efficacy is not guaranteed and there is very little we can do about it but try them for a while and see how they affect the body. In addition, the daily requirement for men and women can be different as well which is why some people may prefer to look for a supplement that is formulated for their body. If you are a woman who needs a supplement for overall well being, the MegaFood and Rainbow Light are two popular options to consider.

Both of them are pretty famous for their multivitamin products and similarly you can choose to get their men or women’s variant. Usually there are certain vitamins or minerals that are included in the supplement such as lycopene in men’s variant which is beneficial to protect against prostate cancer. As for today’s comparison we will be talking about the women’s supplement or multivitamins from both brands which are very similar to most daily supplements out there so it is understandable if most of us are confused as well.

The reason why you often hear of these brands is because there have been so many people who are getting benefits from these supplements but, do note that in general visible results shown from people who are suffering from certain deficiency or have a health issue regarding the lack of certain vitamin or mineral intake. If you are a healthy individual, in most cases taking these supplements will show no visible effects.

MegaFood and Rainbow Light Supplements

If you have been taking any other similar multivitamins before, chances are MegaFood and Rainbow Light won’t be any different in terms of the shape and caplet size. We can’t say they are small but decent enough for something that we take with water. They are a bit difficult to drink however, if you particularly hate taking medicine or capsules. The solid caplet also has certain smells that are often described as herb or plants which also can be off-putting for some.

Personally we have no issue regarding how the caplet smells or how they taste but since none of them taste good or as tasty as typical chewable vitamins, we do not recommend to bite them or letting it sit too long in the mouth. As for the price it may vary but usually a bottle of MegaFood Women’s Daily multivitamin is sold at $45.91 with 90 capsules while Rainbow Light is $41.99 for the 150 caplet variant. Read also: MegaFood Vs Garden of Life here.

MegaFood and Rainbow Light Vitamin & Minerals

Now moving to the most important part, let’s see what MegaFood and Rainbow Light are offering to you but, as multivitamins, in most cases they will contain the same type of essential vitamins and minerals but have different concentrations. For example both of them have vitamin A, C, D, E, K, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, Folate, B12, Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Iron, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Chromium, and Molybdenum. What’s not present in MegaFood are Calcium and Magnesium which are both beneficial for men or women.

In addition, the amount of these vitamins are different from each other and overall you will see that Rainbow Light is containing more in each capsule despite being more affordable. For example the vitamin A is already 900mcg or 100% DV in this supplement while MegaFood only has 370mcg or about 41%DV. The more common vitamin D is also less at 10mcg which is more moderate than the 50mcg which is 250% of DV. As for the calcium, Rainbow Light contains 100mg or 8% from red-algae and 100mg or 24% of magnesium.

MegaFood and Rainbow Light Benefits

The benefits of these multivitamins will be based on the type of vitamin and minerals they are included. For example these two include a huge amount of thiamin, riboflavin, and B6 in the supplement. Thiamine or B1 is known to help turn food into energy and keep the nervous system function properly. It is extremely important since the body can’t make thiamine on its own so we are getting them from food or supplement. Riboflavin or B2 has the same function as B1 or breaking down carbs and protein to produce energy.

B6 or pyridoxine has similar function to those B vitamins but in addition it also has other potential health benefits such as improving mood and reducing the symptom of depression as well as promoting brain health. Minerals like calcium in Rainbow light is beneficial especially for postmenopausal to protect bone density while magnesium is great for heart health as it help dilate blood vessels and preventing spasms in the heart muscle.

MegaFood and Rainbow Light Side Effects

In general these vitamins are beneficial but other than what vitamins or minerals they are packed with, there is some information we also need to consider. First, none of MegaFood and Rainbow Light are vegan but they are certified vegetarian. Second they are gluten-free as well or those with the concern, and third they are certified non-GMO. Most users seem to have no serious side effects when consuming these supplements but since they use a blend of herbs, some people may have allergy towards one or multiple of them.

MegaFood Vs Rainbow Light

Safety wise we do think MegaFood and Rainbow Light are safe to consume and even from users who are sensitive towards some of the ingredients, the side effects are usually urine color and smell changes for some time and drowsiness. In comparison the Rainbow Light is cheaper than MegaFood but has a high concentration of vitamins in the formulation (based on label). This supplement also includes calcium and magnesium that are good for your overall health.

- More expensive
- Lower dosage
- No calcium & magnesium
- Affordable
- Higher dosage
- Has calcium & magnesium 


It is difficult to say one supplement is better than the rest since our body can react differently to their formulation. Between MegaFood and Rainbow Light, we will recommend the Rainbow Light as this is a cheaper option but many users have great reviews on the supplement. It also has calcium and magnesium for a more complete solution.

Differences between MegaFood and Rainbow Light


  • More expensive
  • Lower dosage
  • No calcium & magnesium

Rainbow Light:

  • Affordable
  • Higher dosage
  • Has calcium & magnesium


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