Mesosilver vs Sovereign Silver

Before the discovery of antibiotic drugs, silver was used to treat infections and strengthen the immune system. Silver may be used for treating an outside wound or consumed to be digested and absorbed by the body. Today, silver is mainly used as an active substance in bandages to prevent infection and for water purification. But there are some silver supplements that have gained more and more attention in the modern market. In the following article, we will discuss about two popular silver supplements, Mesosilver vs Sovereign Silver. Which one is better?

Silver Form
The first thing that you have to understand about silver supplement is that, although they all basically use silver, they actually utilize different forms of silver due to specific reasons. This is the case with Mesosilver and Sovereign Silver. See also our previous post: Sovereign Silver vs Argentyn 23.

On one hand, Mesosilver is a supplement of atomic silver a.k.a. colloidal silver. This type of silver is made by applying a high-voltage alternating current on the purest silver solution. Colloidal silver is considered as the most stable form, as the submicroscopic particles are suspended in a distilled water solution. Colloidal silver has been shown to be beneficial in strengthening the body against a number of diseases.

On the other hand, Sovereign Silver is a supplement of hydrosol silver. This type of silver is made by mixing silver into a hydrosol. It should contain at least 96% charged silver atoms – but Sovereign Silver does contain more than 98% bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters in the pharmaceutical-grade purified water. Compared to colloidal silver, hydrosol silver has a much smaller particle size. Hence, it is believed to be easier to absorb by the body.

Mesosilver 20 ppm is believed by many to be the most powerful and effective silver supplement in the market. There are several studies that have shown that Mesosilver is indeed superior in terms of particle surface area (which indicates the ability to react to the environment) and the efficiency index, compared to other similar supplements. On the other hand, Sovereign Silver scores lower in those two indicators.

There is also a study on how fast Mesosilver vs Sovereign Silver are able to kill bacteria. The result showed that Mesosilver was able to kill significantly more bacteria than Sovereign Silver within 24 hours.

Possible Side Effect
When deciding to take a silver supplement, keep in mind that you are not supposed to take it with a high dose over a long period of time. Excessive silver consumption may cause argyria, a condition indicated by a purple or gray spot on the skin due to silver accumulation. Argyria is not dangerous on the skin, but may cause more problems if happening in the eyes. Thus, silver supplement should only be taken with moderation and occasionally.

Being a colloidal silver supplement, Mesosilver has a lower risk of causing argyria. This is because the particle size is larger, so the silver particles are less likely to get stuck and accumulate in the body. On the other hand, Sovereign Silver does have a higher risk of causing argyria due to the smaller particle size.

Name MesosilverSovereign Silver
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Between these two products, we recommend you to choose Mesosilver. It has been shown to be more effective, and it has a lower risk of causing argyria.

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