Neo40 Vs SuperBeets

Heart health is crucial to enjoying your life to the fullest. Heart supplements like Neo40 Vs SuperBeets are beneficial to protecting cardiovascular health in adults. These supplements use natural ingredients to deliver the benefits of beetroot in a convenient form. They have the same purpose and some differences. If you wonder which to try next, let’s see what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Maintain Heart Health
  • What are Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • How are the Formulations of Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • What are the Ingredients of Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • How is the Dosage of Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • What are the Benefits of Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • What are the Side Effects of Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • How is the Performance of Neo40 and SuperBeets
  • Neo40 Vs SuperBeets

Maintaining Heart Health

Our hearts work non-stop from the time we are formed in our mother’s womb until the day we die. This organ is vital to keep a human life, and it is crucial to maintain health, which can deteriorate due to lifestyle and aging. Heart disease is prevalent, and there are more than 800,000 cases of heart attacks in the United States alone. What’s surprising is that about 600,000 people who experienced it are having the issue for the first time.

Sudden cardiac arrest is dangerous and may lead to death. People who experience sudden cardiac arrest can survive with immediate and appropriate medical care such as CPR or just with compression to the chest. The symptoms of cardiac arrest include sudden collapse, no pulse, no breathing, and loss of consciousness. Before the event, you can experience chest discomfort, shortness of breath, weakness, and a fast-beating or fluttering heart. However, a sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t have any signs or symptoms, so it comes without warning.

Like many illnesses, heart disease is also preventable or reduced in risk by changing the lifestyle. You have to eat healthy fats and avoid trans fats because the latter can clog your arteries and raise bad cholesterol. Maintaining dental health may not correlate to heart health, but people who have gum disease often have the same risk for heart disease. Sleep is essential to keep your overall health, and people who don’t sleep enough have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

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About Neo40 and SuperBeets

Many more efforts can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but all involve a better diet and lifestyle. A healthy diet and exercise with enough sleep will benefit your heart health in the long term and overall health. You can also consume multivitamins or supplements that help promote heart health. They are not a cure and won’t work unless combined with a lifestyle change. But, they may help supply nutrients and support the body. Supplements are convenient, especially if you can get the nutrients from food.

Humann is one of the most popular supplement manufacturers with plenty of exciting supplements, especially for improving and maintaining heart health. The Neo40 and SuperBeets are two famous lines from the brand. These supplements have the same purpose but have different ingredients that may also affect efficacy. One of our main reasons for choosing these supplements is that they are easy to take. Both options are available in delicious flavors, so you don’t feel like taking a supplement.

As the name suggests, the Humann SuperBeets uses the beetroot plant, which is well-known for its extensive benefits for health. Personally, we are not a fan of this vegetable because of the earthy taste, which can be pretty intense for people’s liking. The SuperBeets is a highly convenient alternative to reap the benefit of this vegetable without having to put it in your salad or smoothies. On the other hand, Neo40 focuses on producing Nitric Oxide and making it available when the body needs it.

Our body produces this element naturally, but the amount may no longer be sufficient as we age. Older people or those above 40 years will benefit from this supplement to maintain heart health. The main difference between Neo40 and SuperBeets from Humann is the ingredients. The supplements have the same goal, but SuperBeets is a more natural solution for those with concerns. Read also: Vital Proteins Vs Garden of Life Collagen here.

Neo40 and SuperBeets Formulations

Supplements usually come in capsule or caplet form, but SuperBeets is available in flavored powder and chew candy. This supplement tastes excellent and is almost like regular candy, making it fun to take to be more consistent. The powder requires plain water to mix with and is refreshing. The powder form comes in blackcurrant and apple flavors, while the chewing candy has a pomegranate berry flavor. This candy is vegan and suitable for both men and women.

On the other hand, Neo40 is a dissolving tablet that is also very convenient. It is more like candy with berries and a slightly sour flavor than a typical supplement. But, since you need to wait for it to dissolve, we think the SuperBeets are easier and faster to consume. The tablet is bigger than most supplements and has a slight pink color. The tablet is sugar-free, gluten-free, and suitable for people doing a vegan diet.

Neo40 and SuperBeets Ingredients

Now let’s see the ingredients of Neo40 and SuperBeets because this is their main difference. Neo40 comes with a proprietary H-O blend which also includes beetroot powder. The blend adds hawthorn berry extract, L-citrulline, and sodium nitrate. The supplement supplies a good amount of vitamin C and Vitamin B12. Neo40 uses natural flavors and other ingredients to form the caplet and makes it easy to consume, including modified cellulose and xylitol. On the other hand, SupeBeets’ main ingredients are beet powder and grape seed extract.

Some people may want to choose the powder variant if sugar is on the list of things to avoid. The SuperBeets chew candy variant contains raw cane sugar and tapioca syrup, making it not keto-friendly.

Neo40 and SuperBeets Dosage

While supplements are generally safe to use, it is wise to follow the recommendation to avoid any side effects. The Neo40’s standard dosage is two tablets per day and does not exceed it. Put a 12 hours gap before consuming another tablet and reduce the dosage to one tablet after 30-45 days. The supplement is suitable for men and women but not children. The SuperBeets chew is more versatile as you can consume two cubes one after the other at any time of the day. It is a chew candy and tastes excellent.

The Neo40 does not give information on calories, so it is probably very low. But, SupeBeets contain a similar amount of calories to regular candies. One serving or two chews will provide 40 calories from 9 grams of carbs and 4 grams of sugar. On the other hand, Neo40 gives you 100 mg of vitamin C and 56 mcg of vitamin B12.

Neo40 and SuperBeets Benefits

Beet is a very popular vegetable and is heavily studied for its benefit against heart disease. Some studies suggest that beetroot juice can significantly lower your systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The effects are more significant for systolic blood pressure or the pressure when your heart contracts. Raw beets also have a more substantial impact than when they are cooked. This benefit is due to the high concentration of nitrates in the vegetable. Dietary nitrate becomes nitric oxide in the body that dilates blood vessels and decreases blood pressure.

The SuperBeets contain grape seed extract, which helps increase blood circulation and maintain cholesterol. It is also beneficial to reduce swelling from injury and help eye diseases from diabetes. A study of grapeseed in animals shows it can significantly reduce atherosclerotic plaque formation in the wall of the aortic arch and thoracic aorta to help prevent atherosclerosis.

Neo40 combines beetroot with hawthorn berry, which has a solid amount of nitrate and has the same benefit as beetroot. L-citrulline has the same goal in the body because it boosts L-arginine and helps increase nitrogen oxide. This mechanism benefits your body by relaxing blood vessels and improving blood circulation. Sodium nitrate also has the same effect that dilates arteries and veins to promote better blood flow.

Neo40 and SuperBeets Side Effects

Generally, both Neo40 and SuperBeets are safe to consume daily and according to the dosage. Usually, the main concern of supplements that use beetroot is a low calcium level, and a large amount may cause kidney damage. However, these are not yet found in humans. The supplementation may even protect kidneys.

Neo40 and SuperBeets Performance 

Like most supplements, the effects will vary on your body. Many people see the benefit after finishing a month’s dosage. The most noticeable difference is normal blood level, and they can bring down your blood pressure to a healthy level. Some people who take Neo40 also seem to perform better in exercise. These supplements may help with blood cholesterol levels and improve your overall health. However, we also see some users who don’t feel any difference after consuming the supplements for quite some time.

Neo40 Vs SuperBeets

The main difference between Neo40 and SuperBeets is their ingredients because SuperBeets use fewer natural ingredients to boost heart health. SuperBeets contains more beetroot powder than Neo40, but the latter also uses different ingredients to help dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow. From experience, we love the taste of SuperBeets because it is delicious and easier to consume. However, it contains sugar and calories similar to regular small candies.

- Increase Your Body's Nitric Oxide Levels: Why Neo40? Our nitric oxide levels decrease by the time we reach 40, which can impact our energy levels, heart health, and performance. Inspired by Nobel Prize winning science, our nitric oxide boosting tablets support healthy blood pressure levels and cardiovascular health to help you continue living life to the fullest.
- The Science Speaks for Itself: Our Neo40 daily blood pressure support supplement entails a formula based on exclusive patents from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Our heart-health supporting tablets are also shown to be effective in multiple clinical trials. Our supplement does not rely on L-Arginine & is the only product that generates nitric oxide AND supports the body's ability to produce it over time.
- Ingredients You Can't Beet: Each tablet contains 420mg of our powerful nitric oxide blend: beet root powder, hawthorn berry extract, L-citrulline, & sodium nitrate. Used by medical professionals across the country, we recommend taking 2 tablets per day, 12 hours apart for the first 30 to 45 days. Afterward, go down to just one tablet to support healthy blood flow.
- Quick-Dissolve Tablets: Our quick-dissolve tablets provide a convenient, on-the-go boost. Simply, place it on your tongue and let it quickly dissolve. It also has a great fruity flavor, so you won't have to worry about a less than desirable aftertaste.
- SuperBeets Heart Chews provides an added boost from non-GMO beetroot powder from beets grown in the USA.
- Enovita® Grape Seed Extract is standardized to 95% proanthocyanidins rich in oligomeric proanthcyanidins (OPCs), the most beneficial & absorbable polyphenols found in grape seed extract.
- SuperBeets Heart Chews has a natural, pomegranate-berry flavor. So if you’re reading this page thinking “but I don’t like beets”, don’t worry. You won’t taste beets one bit in SuperBeets Heart Chews.
- Best of all, SuperBeets Heart Chews combine heart-supporting benefits into a fun, portable chew without having to mix into water each day.


Both Neo40 and SuperBeets are good alternatives to raw or cooked beets. We recommend the SuperBeets chews or powder to be more pleasant to consume. Efficacy may vary, and none of them are a cure or medication for existing illness but should help maintain and improve heart health.


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