Omega XL vs FlexoPlex

Dealing with stiff and painful joints is often very annoying and disturbing. Joint pain can be caused by several factors, such as aging and insufficient vitamin and mineral intake. To reduce the intensity of the issue, you can consider taking a dietary supplement that has been specially designed to improve joint health. Two great examples here are Omega XL and FlexoPlex. In the following article, we will see the comparisons between Omega XL vs FlexoPlex to help you choose the best supplement.

About the Products
Omega XL is made for people who need help in dealing with painful joints. It is said to be a natural supplement that is made from handpicked ingredients. The manufacturer claims that the ingredients are deliberately chosen and selected so that only the best quality materials are used. The manufacturer also claims that the product is made according to pharmaceutical standards. However, these claims are difficult to verify. You can get Omega XL without a prescription, and it is sold in a 60-softgel bottle which is enough for about a month.

On the other hand, FlexoPlex is a joint health supplement that uses all-natural ingredients, designed for people experiencing joint stiffness and pain. It is described as an advanced bone and joint support. FlexoPlex is different from other over-the-counter joint supplements and medications because it is free from synthetic ingredients that may cause nasty side effects. FlexoPlex has been designed to treat three main causes of joint discomfort, which are inadequate lubrication, inflammation, and damaged cartilage.

The Ingredients
Now, let’s compare the ingredients of Omega XL vs FlexoPlex. The complete ingredients used in Omega XL are not fully disclosed. The known ingredients inside the product include the green lipped mussel extract, olive oil, and vitamin E. The green lipped mussel extract is harvested in New Zealand, and is rich in 30 essential fatty acids including EPA and DHA. Meanwhile, the olive oil and vitamin E are excellent antioxidant agents.

On the other hand, FlexoPlex features quite a complex list of ingredients. The most prominent ingredients are glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, which are both very useful to maintain the health and strength of the cartilage, joints, and muscles. It also contains MSM, which is important for the formation of cartilage and bones. Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid, rutin, bromelain, trypsin, boswellia serrate gum, and cat’s claw bark powder.

Possible Side Effects
Omega XL does not have any known side effect, so it is generally safe for most people. However, it contains EPA and DHA, which are known to be able to interact with blood thinners. Although Omega XL generally does not react with blood thinners, you may want to avoid using this supplement when taking a blood thinner. On the other hand, FlexoPlex has no harmful side effects.

Name Omega XL FlexoPlex
Key Features- Powerful omega-3 joint supplement with a patented complex of 30 fatty acids including DHA and EPA - Supported by over 30 years of clinical research for relief from joint pain due to inflammation - Promotes natural joint pain relief - Omega XL - Relieves joint pain due to inflammation- Help your body Rebuild and Repair worn and damaged joints - Provide needed Lubrication to stiff joints so they can move easier - Fight Joint Pain and Inflammation so you can get through the day without aches and discomfort - Improve joint flexibility and range of motion to make it easier to get moving

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Between these two joint supplements, FlexoPlex is more recommended. It discloses its ingredients, which are indeed great for joint health. It also uses all-natural ingredients, and is free from harmful side effects. On the other hand, Omega XL does not explicitly state the ingredients, and the EPA and DHA are known to interact with blood thinners.

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