Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate vs Gold Standard

Whey protein is a great source of nutrition especially for those who are currently toning their body to achieve the maximum result and to improve the protein intake from their daily diet. If you have the same goal, protein supplements such as Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate Vs Gold Standard will be a great option to consider. They are made from premium quality ingredients but also versatile and before deciding the option, here you can see how they are different and which protein will fit your preference better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Why People are Building Muscle
  • What are Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard
  • How are the Taste of Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard
  • What Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard are made of
  • What Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard can offer
  • What are the Nutritional Facts of Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard
  • Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate Vs Gold Standard

Building Muscle

Everybody wants to be healthy, we put so much effort on choosing the better foods as well as pay attention to physical activities, especially when you are practically living a sedentary lifestyle or one that spends much of their daily hours sitting and doing a desk job. Most of us are only doing some basic or light to moderate exercise but sometimes you also see people are dedicating their time and effort to also build their body, the muscle on their body.

We are sure most people will see this as a cosmetic purpose while athletes are striving to win competition, regular people want to look good and muscle makes one indeed seem fitter than the rest. In some cases this is true but the majority of us who build muscle are in the game for different purposes that not all are focusing on how to look strong.

Muscle for Metabolic Rate

Everyone knows that muscle is an important part of our body but not all of us know that their amount will help increase metabolic rate while on the other hand fat cells are used to store energy. Muscle is built through training and increased training is needed so you can have a faster metabolic rate thus, we can burn more fat, making it an ideal solution if losing weight or excess body fat is in your goal list.

Muscle Benefits for Bones, Ligaments, and Tendons

To build up muscle, we must do strength training and with this exercise you will also be able to prevent many types of injuries. For example building up the core strength will improve balance and coordination as well as reduce the chance of accidents resulting in injury. Another example is building muscle will also strengthen tendons and bones so we can avoid broken bones or tendon sprains and tears while doing activities.

  • Muscle for Strength

This is the typical idea we have when seeing people with a great body shape as a result of muscle training. Rather than cosmetic this will aid your everyday life better since people will move around much, at times we have to use strength do finish some tasks whether it is moving the sofa to get our pet’s toys stuck below it or carrying grocery stores from the car to the house, having muscle will ease the job, making them sounds and actually easier to do.

  • Muscle for Lower Disease Risk

This is not limited to only muscle training but overall exercise that we do when training since exercise in general will improve fitness as well as your body shape. Studies have shown that people who are exercising properly will have a lower risk of heart disease for it improves cardiovascular function and blood chemistry compared to those living a sedentary lifestyle.

About Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard

The options are all yours, you can choose to exercise routinely by combining various types of training or deciding to build muscle by focusing more on resistance and weight training since they are much better than not doing any at all. Our suggestion is looking for the best that sits well in your daily activities, health, as well as a goal for not all of us will look at the same result. It is great if the option we choose will be able to last for a prolonged time or sustainable.

If you are here then it means you are choosing to achieve the goal by building muscle and for this option, most people are not only doing the training but also consuming supplementation. Supplementation is great to aid the goal as it is made from various nutrients depending on its purpose and one supplement familiar to all muscle trainers is whey protein. Different form multivitamins like Vitafusion Vs Nature’s Bounty, whey protein result is easy to see as protein is crucial for muscle gain.

Whey protein is offered by tons of sport nutrition product manufacturers and one of the most well-known is Optimum Nutrition or often called ON. This brand has production facilities in the country so you can rest assured more about the quality and safety. They also have been operating for decades to make sure they know what to offer in the market but we like them for the product option as well as price range since they do get quite competitive here.

Among those protein supplementation in their collection, their whey protein will be the most popular but you can opt for different bases depending on your own preferences and for those who are fine with whey, Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard will be two of the best choices to consider. Both of them are very similar hence many of us are confused about which to choose but they won’t put them in different places if the product is exactly the same.

However, they are indeed very similar to each other that result wise it may or may not be significant in real-life application but those who seek for the premium product will mostly be attracted to the Gold Standard while both of them are going to deliver the result just as good. 

Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard Taste

One of our greatest experiences when deciding to get a protein supplement from whey powder is the taste because compared to back then when people were drinking eggs, it was far bearable so both Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard will sit well in your taste buds and stomach. They are not the best tasting chocolate flavored beverage out there because hot cocoa mix will be much more delicious but as a whey powder, these supplements are tasting good with water and tastier with milk.

However, one of our issues is similar to most protein powder out there, these two also don’t mix well with just water and using a spoon to stir it. There is no big clump of powder but you will still notice some spots of unstirred protein powder if it is just mixed regularly. We actually prefer to shake them with a bottle shaker and use milk such as nut milk to enhance the taste as well as making it easier to properly dissolve.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard Ingredients

Moving forward, let’s check their ingredient list and for this sample we are using the chocolate flavor from the collection. Here you can see that the regular Whey Isolate is made of 100% of this protein without any mix so they are not using protein blend as the main ingredient as opposed to the Gold Standard which main ingredient is still whey protein but this part is blended with ultra-filtered whey concentrate that includes whey peptides as well. All of them contain emulsifiers from soy lecithin while the whey is from milk.

Not only in words, they are also different nutritionally caused by the processing methods because whey isolate term is used when the protein concentration in whey concentrate is reaching 90% while when the process stops at 80% as the byproduct of cheese or yogurt production, it is called whey concentrate. Overall whey isolate has higher protein and lower fat or carbohydrate but the types of amino acids found in both forms of whey are virtually identical since they are derived from the same proteins.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard Benefits

For the benefit, since whey protein is derived from milk, they will have the same properties and set of benefits but probably different in concentration since some filtered products are either higher in consistency or lesser in unwanted nutrition. For whey protein, one of the best benefits is it will help with aiding muscle building which will also do great to cause fat loss. Studies published in Nutrition and Metabolism show a significant body fat loss as well a greater preservation of lean muscle in people consuming whey protein.

There is a surprising result published in the journal of Anticancer Research that shows promising results when stating whey protein concentrate is useful in cancer treatment yet, this will need more research to be proven. For those struggling with high cholesterol levels, a study published in The British Journal of Nutrition showed a significant decrease in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol at 12 week for people who consume whey protein compared to casein.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard Nutritional Facts

The last point we want to talk about is their nutritional fact and here both of them are very similar as well with a total of 12 calories per serving and 25/24 grams of protein. What’s different is mostly on the cholesterol and sodium content because as the less filtered version, Whey Isolate from Optimum Nutrition has a higher sodium at 160 grams compared to only 50 grams. However, the Gold Standard as it uses protein concentrate, the formulation has higher cholesterol at 35 grams instead of only 15 grams.

Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate vs Gold Standard

Both Optimum Nutrition Whey Isolate and Gold Standard are high quality whey protein supplements and they are equally tasty as well as should deliver the same result depending on various factors including our daily diet and training routine itself. What sets them apart from each other is the fact that Gold Standard uses a blend of whey protein isolate with filtered whey protein including concentrate and peptides, making it have lower sodium yet also higher in cholesterol.

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All in all you should pick the one that fits your preference the most but if you are cautious about cholesterol level since it is already quite high from the diet, it is better to choose Whey Isolate from Optimum Nutrition as it has lower cholesterol.

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