Optygen HP vs EPO Boost

Whether you are a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast, it’s important to take endurance supplements so as to improve your performance levels. Below is a detailed comparison of Optygen HP vs EPO Boost to help you make an informed decision when deciding which one to use. Each product has its own unique attributes to take note of when making your pick.

a) Optygen HP is 100% stimulant-free and was developed following thorough scientific research by experts, it’s ideal for optimizing performance in aerobic exercises such as cycling, marathon race and so on. In comparison, EPO-Boost was also scientifically formulated to trigger the release of EPO (erythropoietin) hormone, a substance that helps in increasing red-blood cell levels as well as overall blood volume for better endurance.

b) Optygen contains beta-alanine extracts that reduce lactate amounts in the blood during training, thus helping to improve workout performance in endurance activities. On the other hand, a single capsule of EPO-BOOST provides 2gms of echinacea purpurea which facilitates the bone marrow to release new red-blood cells into the system, and hemoglobin to carry more oxygen for maximum physical endurance.

c) When taken in the correct dosage, Optygen can lead to significant energy production. It enables athletes to replenish their glycogen levels much faster after a workout, thus leading to faster recovery times and better performance on back-to-back training and heavy exercises as well. Additionally, most users experience less muscle swelling after heavy workout, thus leading to faster recovery times and less body soreness. Likewise, EPO Boost has potent antioxidant properties that result in anti-inflammatory conditions within the body, especially after undergoing heavy training.

Name Optygen HPEPO Boost
Key Features- Package Amount: 120 Capsules - This revolutionary formula is the result of human clinical trials and the latest scientific research on increasing endurance and performance - New features include Beta-Alanine as well the most potent Rhodiola available- Increases VO2 Max And Running Economy - First Natural EPO Stimulator For Athletes - Dramatically Improves Speed, Strength, Endurance

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In summary, EPO Boost is the better option of the two when comparing Optygen HP vs EPO Boost, this is because it’s purely organic and only relies on ingredients that are naturally produced by the body. The supplement is also versatile and can be used to boost cardiovascular health due to increased blood circulation.

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