Orange Triad vs Opti Men

Multivitamins specially designed for men involved in body building is a very competitive market and we will be making a comparison between two of the best ones on the market; Orange Triad vs Opti-Men.

Manufactured by Controlled Labs, Orange Triad is billed as an iron-free multivitamin meant for the energetic and active athlete who seeks to achieve body perfection by undergoing increasingly strenuous cardio and training exercises. This is similar to what Optimum Nutrition offers for its own Opti-Men multivitamin. (Read also: Animal Pak vs Opti Men)

Close investigation of the ingredients used in creating both products shows that Opti-Men falls behind Orange Triad in its offering of Vitamin D enriched content. Vitamin D is an important element of a serious athlete’s dietary regime as its presence helps the regulation of the immune system as well as the cardiovascular and nervous systems. This vitamin is also key to creatine good bone health by helping the body absorb calcium. Orange Triad offers 500% of the daily value of Vitamin D needed while Opti-Men offers just 375% of the daily value needed.

Opti-Men scores better than Orange Triad in terms of the offerings of amino acids. Opti-Men has an Amino blend that mixes eight different Amino Acids. These amino acids as combined in the product are designed to aid the growth and development of muscle mass as well as combating muscle soreness and fatigue which are inevitable when it comes to athletic endeavor. Orange Triad’s offerings of amino acids is not as varied as that of Opti-Men. Orange Triad offers a mix that is less concentrated which makes it unsuitable for pregnant women as well as people suffering from diabetes or kidney failure.

Name Orange TriadOpti Men
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Given the features of both supplements, it become clear that both Orange Triad and Opti-Men offer immense benefits to the active athlete looking to achieve peak perfection. However, in the quest to find the slightly better multivitamin in the Orange Triad vs Opti-Men choice war, Controlled Labs Orange Triad edges it mostly due to its richer Vitamin D content.

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