Organifi vs Amazing Grass

If you often find difficulties in fulfilling your daily nutritional needs, either because of a very busy schedule or because your place doesn’t sell many varieties of fruits and veggies, you can consider taking a green food supplement. There are now various green food supplements on the market that are enriched with various superfoods to help you fulfill your nutritional needs. Two of the most popular supplements right now are Organifi and Amazing Grass. Below, we are going to compare Organifi vs Amazing Grass to help you choose the right supplement.

Organifi is a green food supplement that is armed with two proprietary blends, which are the Alkaline Greens Proprietary Blend and the Super Food Proprietary Blend. The first blend is a special blend that consists of various organic ingredients including wheat grass, horseradish tree leaf, spirulina, chlorella, and matcha green tea. Although the precise numbers are undisclosed, the first blend is about 5.1 grams per serving. Meanwhile, the second blend is enriched with highly nutritious foods such as coconut water, ashwagandha, red beet, and turmeric. This blend has lots of antioxidants and mental enhancers. See our previous post about the product in Organifi vs Athletic Greens.

On the other hand, Amazing Grass features four proprietary blends, which are Green Food Blend, Antioxidant Blend, Fiber Blend, and Digestive Enzyme & Active Culture Pre/Probiotic Blend. It contains organic and natural ingredients, including wheat grass, barley, alfalfa, spinach, broccoli, spirulina, chlorella, pineapple, carrot, green tea, flaxseed, and apple pectin. It also contains FOS, amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulase, protease, and Lactobacillus acidophilus. The enzyme and pre/probiotic blend can help to nourish and maintain the health of the digestive system.

Nutritional Values
When choosing between Organifi vs Amazing Grass, you have to consider whether you need a mental-boosting effect or if you simply need vitamins and minerals for your overall health. Organifi does not contain many fruits, so it doesn’t contain any significant level of vitamins. Instead, it is loaded with rich antioxidants and mental enhancers that can boost your focus and cognitive power. Each serving provides 4 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, 31 mg of calcium, 2 grams of iron, and 15 mg of sodium.

If your main purpose is fulfilling your daily needs of vitamins and minerals, Organifi won’t be sufficient. You still need to complement it with a supplement that provides vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, Amazing Grass is enriched with several fruits and vegetables. So, it has more vitamins and minerals. If you don’t consume fruits and vegetables frequently, you have to make sure that the food supplement you are taking can fulfill those nutritional values. Each serving can provide good levels of vitamin A, C, and K. It also provides 2 grams of fiber, 2 grams of protein, 52 mg of calcium, 1.5 mg of iron, 30 mg of sodium, and 175 mg of potassium.

Name OrganifiAmazing Grass
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In general, Amazing Grass is more recommended for your daily supplement for vitamins and minerals. It is enriched with fruits and veggies that can give you good levels of vitamins and minerals. It also has good pre/probiotic blend to maintain the digestive system. On the other hand, Organifi is also a good supplement, but the function is more for enhancing the mental performance.

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