Pure Encapsulations vs Thorne Research

This is sad but true. Most people prefer to choose the least expensive options and medications for their health. Indeed, you don’t have to empty your wallet all the time, but you still need to consider the fact that supplements from different companies have different quality. Below, we’ll compare two well-known American supplement brands, Pure Encapsulations vs Thorne Research.

We are going to discuss about:
– Why choosing a trustworthy supplement brand is important
– The ingredient quality of these two supplement brands
– The reasons to choose Pure Encapsulations vs Thorne Research
– The weaknesses of Pure Encapsulations and Thorne Research
– Which brand that is generally better for you

Choose Your Supplement
Let’s be honest; there are expensive drugs and supplements out there that do nothing to your body. You can say that those products are scams. However, not all expensive products are scams. There are some supplements that are truly effective yet, unfortunately, a bit expensive because of the high production costs.

To give you a clearer picture, there is an example. The FDA has admitted that there is a difference between the generic formula of Wellbutrin XL and the patented one. The generic formula may have a higher side effect profile and slightly lower efficiency. This is because the patented formula is made through high production standards and enhanced with some additional ingredients to boost the absorbability or efficacy.

When choosing a supplement, make sure to check the country of origin before buying. Countries like the USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, and Japan have strict laws that regulate drug and supplement production to ensure high quality. In addition, a GMP seal and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients make a decent indication of a high-quality product. GMP practices ensure that the product is not contaminated and possesses the right potency and dosage. Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients are great because they are of a very high quality.

Both Pure Encapsulations vs Thorne Research are both considered as some of the best supplement manufacturers. They are standing in the highest quality tier, along with just a few other manufacturers.They are widely trusted by doctors and healthcare professionals, and their products are often used in prescriptions.

Pros of Pure Encapsulations
Pure Encapsulations offers several distinctive benefits and advantages that set it apart from the competition. First of all, this is a reputable American company that is based in Massachusetts. So, the production standards are guaranteed to be good.

In addition, they also have an “open plant” policy, which allows anyone to visit and check their plant. They are very transparent with their ingredients; on their official website, they list every ingredient used in their supplements along with the country of origin. These features show that Pure Encapsulations is a professional and trustworthy company.

Furthermore, all of the products of Pure Encapsulations are GMP certified. The company is guaranteed to follow GMP practices to ensure that their products are free from any contamination and do possess accurate potency levels and dosages.

All of their products don’t contain any filler. Their products contain only the necessary ingredients to give the desired effects and results. Finally, all of their capsules are made from hypoallergenic cellulose, so that they will not cause allergic reactions.

Cons of Pure Encapsulations
Perhaps the only weakness of Pure Encapsulations is that their products are often quite expensive. However, this is reasonable because the ingredients and production processes certainly have some considerable costs. Nevertheless, if you want to buy Pure Encapsulations supplement, you need to prepare some money. It is worth the money.

Pure Encapsulations may be a little difficult to find. Well, you can find them in large drug stores, but it is possible that some smaller stores don’t have them. Well, you can find them online, though.

Pros of Thorne Research
Thorne Research is also an excellent top-tier supplement company. It is also trusted very much by doctors and professionals. It is a trustworthy American company that is based in Idaho. So, it also follows the same rules and standards that ensure the quality of its production processes.

Just like Pure Encapsulations, Thorne Research also follows GMP practices. They have some of the most rigid quality-assurance practices in the country. In addition, they also conduct in-house laboratory tests to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their products. They do publicize the results. Thorne Research has partnered with some health authorities, such as the Mayo Clinic, to conduct clinical trials that are designed to show whether their supplements are relevant for modern health concerns.

Finally, their products are all made from high-quality ingredients. The key ingredients are always given in the right concentrations and amounts to ensure optimum efficacy and minimum potential side effects. They do use some fillers, but these aren’t just cheap fillers that may harm the body. The fillers used in Thorne Research products are made from ingredients that are actually beneficial for the body, such as magnesium laurate and magnesium citrate.

Cons of Thorne Research
Both Pure Encapsulations vs Thorne Research can be quite expensive. Their products generally cost more than other similar supplements in the market. Again, you get what you pay for, so it is worth your hard-earned money. In addition, their products may be a bit difficult to find, especially if your place only has a few local stores. You can find them in online stores, though.

Another slight weakness of Thorne Research compared to Pure Encapsulations is that their products use some fillers. Even though the fillers are made from high-quality ingredients that can benefit the body, they are still fillers. They don’t give any direct impact to the actual purpose of the supplement. So, the potency and efficacy of Thorne Research may be slightly lower than Pure Encapsulations.

Pure Encapsulations vs Thorne Research

Name Pure EncapsulationsThorne Research
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Both are great supplement brands. However, Pure Encapsulations is slightly better in the end. It does not use fillers, so the ingredients are all essential and effective. Their products generally have better potency and efficacy. In addition, their capsules are made from hypoallergenic cellulose that won’t cause allergy reactions.

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