SeroVital vs Growth Factor 9

Apparently, it is every woman’s dream to maintain a smooth skin that is free from wrinkles and fine lines. However, those things will eventually come up as you age. HGH supplements like SeroVital and Growth Factor 9 claim to be able to slow down the aging process so that you can maintain your young, healthy appearance. So, do they really work? Which one is better between these two similar supplements? Continue reading below to find the answer!

How The Supplements Work
HGH (human growth hormone) is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the body that is responsible for regulating body growth. It maintains the body temperature, fat and sugar metabolism, as well as skin and muscle composition by working with collagen. However, just like collagen, the body’s natural production of HGH slows down as you age.

There are now various HGH supplements that provide the vital hormone to the body. Such supplements are often used by athletes and celebrities, either to maintain their performance, improve their recovery rate, or keep a smooth and healthy skin. Even so, the effects of direct supplementation of HGH haven’t been studied much, and it is actually only legal if prescribed by a doctor.

Nevertheless, SeroVital and Growth Factor 9 differ from the typical HGH supplements because they don’t directly supplement HGH to the body. Instead, these supplements contain certain amino acids that aim to boost the body’s natural production of HGH. This is a relatively gentler approach of improving the HGH levels in the body.

Slightly Different Ingredients
So, what is the difference between SeroVital vs Growth Factor 9? Both of these two supplements use their own proprietary formulas, but the ingredients look very similar. By the way, since they both use proprietary formulas, we can’t know for sure the exact amounts of the ingredients that they use.

Each serving of SeroVital contains about 2.9 grams of the SeroVital proprietary blend, which contains L-lysine hydrochloride, L-arginine hydrochloride, oxo-proline, N-acetyl L-cysteine, L-glutamine, and the aerial parts of schizonepeta. Other ingredients include gelatin, stearic acid, rice flour, magnesium stearate, titanium oxide, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, and coloring agents (candurin silver fine, Yellow No. 5, and Yellow No. 6).

On the other hand, Growth Factor 9 uses the Revitagen proprietary blend. Each serving also contains about 2.9 grams of the proprietary blend. The ingredients of the proprietary formula are similar. The other ingredients are also similar, except that this supplement does not list coloring agents.

Effectiveness and Side Effects
SeroVital and Growth Factor 9 have received some favorable reviews. The positive reviews mostly come from older users. It is said that these supplements are able to help older people maintain their energy and stamina. However, they apparently don’t provide significant results for younger users.

It is important to note that these supplements increase your HGH production. Before taking any supplement, you should consult with a doctor first. Increasing your hormone levels may be dangerous due to some conditions. For example, if you have cancer, you should not take a HGH supplement, as the cancer cells may feed on the hormone.

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Between these two supplements, Growth Factor 9 is better because it does not use artificial coloring agents. The other ingredients are similar. Such supplements are said to be effective especially for older people. However, consult with your doctor before taking a supplement because some conditions may worsen due to increased hormone levels.

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