Sovereign Silver vs Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver may have lost its popularity in the early 1900s, but there is now a new surge of interest in colloidal silver preparations for treating a number of infections and problematic health conditions. In the past, colloidal silver was used as an internal antibiotic agent, antiseptic, disinfectant, and germicide. Today, there are several colloidal silver supplements that can help you improve and maintain your immune functions. One of the most popular ones is Sovereign Silver, which claims to be superior compared to regular colloidal silver. So, what is the difference between Sovereign Silver vs Colloidal Silver?

About Colloidal Silver
Silver has been known for a long time as an effective tool for promoting good health, but the modern products actually use different forms of silver which may have different uses, levels of effectiveness, and potential side effects. The most common form of silver used in the modern supplements is atomic silver a.k.a. colloidal silver. Typically, colloidal silver is prepared by using a high-voltage alternating current in order to produce the purest silver solution.

A good quality supplement of colloidal silver should have at least 99.999% silver particles distilled in a water solution. Colloidal silver has become very popular due to the great stability. Since the submicroscopic silver particles are suspended in the water solution by using electrical forces, they are stable without the tendency to form compounds with other elements. In addition, compared to the other forms of silver, colloidal silver has a lower risk of causing argyria – a condition which turns the skin purple or purple-gray, caused by excessive exposure to silver.

When choosing a colloidal silver supplement, make sure that you choose a product that comes in an amber or dark glass bottle instead of a plastic bottle. Such glass bottle does a better job in preserving the colloidal silver and preventing leaching and degradation. You should also make sure that the product does not use other ingredients, as silver needs to be in the purest form to be effective.

Sovereign Silver
So, what is the difference between Sovereign Silver vs Colloidal Silver?Sovereign Silver is a supplement that uses a different form of silver, which is hydrosol silver. A silver hydrosol product usually has around 96% charged silver atoms, but Sovereign Silver claims to have 99.999% pure silver atoms. Furthermore, Sovereign Silver does not contain any protein additive or salt. This ensures that the silver content is pure and free of contamination.

Sovereign Silver has a smaller particle size, which is as small as 0.8 nm. The incredibly small particle size is said to be beneficial for optimal efficacy. Of course, the smaller silver particles can be absorbed more easily by the body. However, hydrosol silver has a higher chance of causing argyria, as the smaller silver particles can accumulate more easily in skin and eyes.

Name Sovereign SilverColloidal Silver
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Compared to colloidal silver, Sovereign Silver can be absorbed more easily by the body due to the smaller particle size. This may lead to better efficacy. However, you should not consume it for far too long because it has a higher risk of argyria. Meanwhile, regular colloidal silver is quite effective and has a lower risk of argyria.

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