SportLegs Vs SaltStick

Being active is excellent for improving fitness and overall health. But, you may need some supplements like SportLegs Vs SaltStick to stay at the top condition during the exercise or activity. These supplements help your body sustain a longer workout and perform optimally. The supplements contain plenty of beneficial ingredients but also have some differences. If you wonder which brand to try, let’s see what to expect here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Exercise Better
  • What are SportLegs and SaltStick
  • How are the Supplements of SportLegs and SaltStick
  • How is the Dosage of SportLegs and SaltStick
  • How are the Nutrition Facts of SportLegs and SaltStick
  • What are the Benefits of SportLegs and SaltStick
  • How is the Performance of SportLegs and SaltStick
  • SportLegs Vs SaltStick

Build a Better Exercise

Being healthy is a primary goal in many people’s lives. Whether you want to enjoy life to the fullest or avoid suffering from preventable diseases, there is no better way than to improve your diet and exercise regularly. Subscribing to a gym nearby can help motivate yourself, and finding people with the same interest may make the activities much more fun. Here are some tips to gain a new healthy habit for a better lifestyle, especially related to workouts and exercises:

  1. Start your day with a natural stimulant like coffee. The caffeine in coffee can stimulate the central nervous system, so we can feel more energized to start whatever routine we have next. If you have a morning workout routine, try to drink coffee about half an hour before to achieve the benefits.
  2. Put up a plan on what you will be doing at the gym. Wandering aimlessly in the room can make your time less efficient, and you may spend more time choosing the tool/activities than exercising. Think about what exercise you want to do and make a second plan if the first one is not executable.
  3. Working out stresses your body, and it is essential to make the activity more fun. A simple way to make the workout session more bearable is by listening to your favorite playlist of podcasts. Wireless earbuds are perfect for active people and won’t get in your way. They can also prevent strangers from making unwanted conversation when you need to focus.
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About SportLegs and SaltStick

Everyone can get healthier by changing their lifestyle and while it is never easy or instant, having a healthy body is an immeasurable asset that we can enjoy for as long as we live. Besides forming a better routine and trying various alternatives that meet your preference, we can also improve fitness performance by consuming supplements. Supplements are helpful to support your body from the inside, mainly supplying necessary nutrients for the body to strive. The best type of supplement is what your body needs.

If you aim for optimum performance, especially for long workout sessions or high-impact exercises, supplements like SportLegs and SaltStick are the best. These supplements focus on helping your body sustain the practice by supplying some required nutrition. They are perfect for consuming before your daily exercise routine as a pre-workout, but the exact benefit is quite different. SportLegs is more similar to a traditional pre-workout supplement, while SaltStick is an electrolytes supplement, almost like an energy drink without calories.

The main benefit of consuming SportLegs is to prevent typical side effects of workouts like cramps and aches. The supplement’s packaging may suggest that it can burn calories, but it is unlikely you will lose body fat just by consuming the supplement. This supplement is suitable for people who want to exert their bodies and perform optimally, whether for a workout or your favorite sports. The SportLegs doesn’t contain calories, so it is safe for users who maintain their intake.

On the other hand, SaltStick is electrolytes supplements. If you are familiar with Gatorade and similar beverages, this supplement provides the same benefits without extra calories. Electrolytes are necessary for your body as they deplete during exercise or sports through sweat. Hydration is crucial during intense activities, and dehydration may cause serious injuries when you are doing sports or cause fatigue and cramps when you exercise. Both SportLegs and SaltStick have similar ingredients with some differences. Read also: Vital Proteins Vs Orgain Collagen Peptides here.

SportLegs and SaltStick Capsules

We prefer consuming supplements like SportLegs and SaltStick because they are more convenient and don’t add unnecessary things to our bodies. Sports drinks are arguably more fun to consume, but they may contain unnecessary ingredients, and many people avoid sweeteners or sugars in their formulations. These supplements come in regular capsules and are taken with water or other beverages. They don’t have a specific smell and are relatively easy to swallow. However, none of them are certified vegan for users with the lifestyle.

Both brands are resourcing one or more of their ingredients from animals. For example, SportLegs contains vitamin D, which is in the form of lanolin from sheep wool. Both SportLegs and SaltStick are suitable for most people, including vegetarians. Besides capsules, SaltStick is also available in liquid variants that dissolve in water and chew tablets for fast absorption. We love the chewable because it makes the supplement more fun to take. It is available in plenty of flavors: lime, orange, mixed berry, mango, peach, and watermelon.

SportLegs and SaltStick Dosage

While SportLegs and SaltStick are safe to consume for most people, we highly advise following the dosage. Electrolytes have benefits and side effects when overly consumed. The dosage of SportLegs is one capsule per 50 lbs. If you weigh 150 lbs, we need to take three capsules 1.2 hours before the activity. But, if you are doing an extended exercise like running or bicycling, you can take the same dose every two hours up to ten capsules per day.

The SaltStick also has a similar dosage that can’t go more than ten capsules per day. But, you only need to take one capsule every 30-60 minutes during the exercise. We can repeat the consumption as required for as long as the training lasts.

SportLegs and SaltStick Nutritional Facts

Because the SportLegs and SaltStick are calorie-free, we find it easier to incorporate them into the diet, especially if you are trying to lose body fat. Each capsule of SportLegs contains 0.6mcg vitamin D, 45mg Calcium, 23mg Magnesium, and 371mg Lactate. On the other hand SaltStick contains 2.6mcg of vitamin D, 22mg of Calcium, and 11mg Magnesium. It also includes 349mg of Chloride, 215mg of Sodium, and 63mg of Potassium. Both brands seem to use vegetarian capsules and other ingredients necessary to make the products.

SportLegs and SaltStick Benefits

Working out means training the muscle, and Vitamin D has a role in improving performance. The main benefit of this vitamin is improving heart health and boosting exercise capacity, which also may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The studies previously found people who exercise regularly have high vitamin D levels. Further research finds that high vitamin D levels have higher VO2 max capacity meaning they can work out longer and more vigorously.

Calcium is also helpful in improving performance because this mineral is essential to keep blood levels stable during the activity, and supplementation can help because our body can lose this mineral from sweating. Magnesium is essential for many bodily processes, including protein synthesis for building muscle and nerve function, controlling blood glucose levels, and energy production. The minerals are also beneficial for relaxing your muscles after a workout. Lactate in SportLegs supplement is muscle fuel when the body lacks oxygen to convert glucose to energy naturally.

Because SaltStick is an electrolyte supplement, there are more minerals in the capsule. One of them is Chloride, whose function is to support the balance of fluids in and outside the cells in our body. It also has Potassium to aid in nerve impulse conduction, regulating heartbeat, and muscle contraction. Sodium has the same purpose as Chloride.

SportLegs and SaltStick Performance 

Like most supplements, the SportLegs and SaltStick will produce varying results on each body. However, we found them to be quite effective though not miraculous. These supplements manage body fluid levels, so you don’t get tired as fast. The overall performance is not increasing significantly, but we can sustain more extended exercise or workouts that are usually more challenging. They don’t make your body less tired but seem to help push the body to perform for longer.

We also like that they can reduce leg cramps, especially if you choose bicycling or climbing. The pain doesn’t go away completely, but we see improvement. The effects of SportLegs and SaltStick are very similar. However, some people whose body lacks certain minerals may want to choose the SaltStick because it has complete electrolytes such as Sodium. Lack of Sodium may cause you to feel tired faster.

SportLegs Vs SaltStick

Both SportLegs and SaltStick are beneficial and suitable for active people who want to push their exercise. But, they are also quite different because SaltStick is an electrolyte capsule that contains more mineral types. It also has higher vitamin D; hence the single serving is smaller than SportLegs. However, SportLegs contains Lactate that may help your body as it provides energy for the muscle to use when the body doesn’t get enough oxygen to perform its natural energy conversion.

- ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: Our pre-workout supplement with magnesium for men and women is designed with endurance in mind. This safe, healthy yet powerful formula can help boost fitness fast, so you can run marathons, climb mountains, cycle, swim, and more, with less pain.
- ENDURANCE SUPPLEMENT: When we exercise, our muscles produce high amounts of lactate fuel. Too much lactate can turn into lactic acid and hinder muscle performance with pain. Our pre-workout capsules can help control lactate production so your muscles can perform longer and help you build muscle mass with less pain.
- MUSCLE-CRAMP DEFENSE: Exercising often causes muscle fatigue and soreness. Our magnesium supplement helps provide relief from muscle spasms and cramps, helping you recover from your workout faster with less pain from lactic acid buildup.
- FAST-ABSORBING MAGNESIUM: Unlike conventional magnesium tablets or magnesium pills for women and men, you don't have to wait for results. This formula works within half an hour and don't need to be consumed daily. Just take them prior to exercising for muscle support.
- Electrolyte capsules that quickly dissolve to help reduce heat stress and muscle cramping
- Replenishes what your body loses from sweat to help maintain electrolyte levels; boosts stamina
- Ideal for teens and adults, providing rehydration for running, cycling, soccer, football, weight lifiting, hiking, camping, and more
- Clean and simple ingredients; Non-GMO, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free


The decision is yours or depends on which meets your body’s needs. We recommend SaltStick if you often experience dehydration because it has complete minerals to supply electrolytes. We also prefer the serving size of this supplement as you only need to consume one capsule regardless of body weight.


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