Ultimate Flora Vs Rephresh Pro B

Our digestive system is very important because this is where our food is being processed and probiotic is necessary for its health. These small microorganisms naturally exist in our digestive tract but sometimes you may need to take probiotic supplements such as Ultimate Flora Vs Rephresh Pro B to enrich them in case we are not getting enough from the diet. For those with health problems related to probiotics, these supplements may help yet, do check about which of them can be the better option here before shopping.

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  • Ultimate Flora Vs Rephresh Pro B

Probiotic for Health

We all know that a healthy diet is the start of a healthy body and every one of us wants to get better health for it is necessary to enjoy your life to the fullest. Choosing a balanced diet of unprocessed foods and making sure we get enough of necessary nutrients are not the easiest thing to do however, because not only they can be difficult to reach for people living in places with lack of access to fresh produce, they are also expensive for many people.

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Food is what nourishes the body and while not all foods taste great to you, we can always make sure to find an equivalent or replacement of something to still be able to get the benefit from certain nutrients. If you are not capable of getting them from the diet, we can still try supplementation based on what your body is lacking such as Naturelo Vs Garden of Life if you feel the daily diet is lacking balanced meals.

Besides vitamins, minerals, or anti-oxidant, you may want to add probiotic as well into the diet. Most people have ever heard of this word but not all of us are aware of how important it is. Probiotics are made of good live bacteria and or yeasts that are naturally living in the body. Humans naturally have both good and bad bacteria living in the body. If your body gets an infection, it means there are more of the bad bacteria that throw our body out of balance.

As the name suggests, the good bacteria will help eliminate the excess bad bacteria to return the balance and this is why either probiotic rich foods or probiotic supplements will add an amount of good bacteria into the body. While the bacteria name itself is often paired with a bad connotation but it is not the case here because the good bacteria is helpful in the natural process in the body that will bring benefits to you including fighting off the bad bacteria.

For those asking where they live, most likely they are affiliated with the gut and abundantly living in the large intestine but there are also other body parts that house these good bacteria and they can be living in your mouth, vagina, urinary tract, skin, and lungs. What can be called as probiotic are bacteria, fungi like yeasts, viruses, and protozoa that meet the characteristics of being isolated from a human, survive in the intestine after ingestion, have benefit, and safely consumed.

About Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B

Since good bacteria is important for your health, it is also normal to have them in a good amount as well especially against the bad bacteria to fight various health issues related to the problem. What you can do is increase or start to incorporate some foods that are rich in probiotic to increase the amount and probably you already have them in the refrigerator or cupboard as well such as pickles or kimchi and other fermented products like yogurt.

They are not only tasty but also beneficial but, sadly not all people are fond of the taste because in general they are either salty or sour and these may not be your preferred flavor in a food. This is why probiotic supplements are quite popular nowadays as they are easy to consume and convenient as well. You can find an abundance of them out there and we are sure most of us have checked at least one or two while going to a drug store.

For women, probiotic has an important role in maintaining their private organ health as well and if you are also having the same concern, Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B are two popular options for enriching your probiotic in an easy method. Just like any supplements, they are containing the beneficial ingredient or here is probiotic to make sure we are gaining the balance effectively without the struggle to consume the foods that are naturally rich in this good bacteria.

In general the promise of Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B are the same which is balancing yeast and bacteria especially for women health and it seems many of us are also taking these supplements as a treatment for their BV. The Ultimate Flora is made by RenewLife and this brand has various types of probiotic supplements in the catalog but, today we are going to focus on the Women’s Care variant. On the other hand Rephresh Pro B only has this one variant for the oral supplement.

Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B Supplement

Just like most probiotic supplements out there, these two are coming inside a soft shell or capsule which we personally prefer better for a medicine or supplement as it means the powder is not heat pressed together. The capsules are a bit different however while the sizes are the same and what we like is they are slim and not a huge capsule we usually found for supplement. What’s a bit different is the color of these shells because instead of white, Ultimate Flora decides to use a clear, transparent shell.

They are coming in a bottle and in some cases the Ultimate Flora is also available in a glass bottle which is not as safe if you plan to buy this supplement from an online store as it may break in the shipping process. As for the price they are not too expensive with Rephresh Pro B sold at $27.15 for the 30 capsule count and $16.29 for Ultimate Flora in the same case and the same count of supplement.

Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B Ingredients

When talking about supplements, what you have to check are their ingredients because this is what makes them beneficial and here, usually they are listed with how many of certain nutrients that will help your condition. Rephresh Pro B doesn’t put it on the face of the product but you can read on the label that they have 5 billion CFU from the manufacturer while Ultimate Flora in this variant offers 25 billion of live culture yet you can find those in higher concentration from the brand from 30 to 100 billion.

The type of probiotic is also different however because in Ultimate Flora, this brand is using 22.5 billion of Lactobacillus probiotic and 2.5 billion of Bifido probiotic in form of Bifidobacterium lactis and Bifidobacterium longum. On the other hand the probiotic of Rephresh Pro B is their proprietary strains called Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14 which claimed to have been gone through 10 years of clinical studies for the beneficial effects on vaginal health, balancing yeast and bacteria.

Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B Benefits

There are so many types of bacteria and both Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria are probably the most common types we often see. For example the L. reuteri in both supplement brands is commonly found in the mouth and intestine to help digestive and slowing tooth decay while the B. lactis is found in milk and other cured milk products. L. rhamnosus is often found in the gut or in some milk products and is great for treating IBS symptoms, or diarrhea as well as against cavities.

On the review part, do note that our body can be different and the same supplement may have different effects as well. What many people love about Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B is because they help with their pH and help with their constipation as well so you can have regular bowel movement when consuming the supplement daily. Many also like how they improve their BV condition which some even found better than taking antibiotics.

Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B Dosage

A good supplement must be taken with the caution as well to prevent the possible risk of overdosing including for a probiotic supplement. What’s convenient besides how small the capsule of Ultimate Flora and Rephresh Pro B is also because they are only consumed once a day hence you don’t need to bring them to work as we can only drink them once and then you will be good to go. They also don’t cause bloating and there is no weird aftertaste common in natural supplements.

Ultimate Flora Vs Rephresh Pro B

These probiotic supplements are to improve your numbers of good bacteria in the body as well as maintaining feminine organ health for women. They are a bit different on the amount of active cultures and the type of probiotic used for the supplementation but they are all common from what most probiotic products are using. In general they are safe but effects can be different based on the people who have been consuming them.

- FROM THE MAKERS OF THE NUMBER 1 SELLING WOMEN’S PROBIOTIC**: Renew Life knows women, and that’s why we formulated a potent Women’s Care Go-Pack Probiotic with 15 billion cultures and 8 different probiotic strains, to take at home or on the go!
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- Balances yeast and bacteria to maintain feminine health
- Just one capsule per day
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It is good to try the one that sounds better for you but between the two we personally trust Rephresh Pro B better, not only because most people are satisfied with their supplemen but also because the lower and more manageable dose per serving.

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