Vega One vs Plant Fusion

Vega One and PlantFusion are currently two of the most popular protein shakes on the market. They are popular choices among active people who need a way to fulfill their daily nutritional needs as well as those who want to lose some pounds by reducing their calorie intake. So, which one is the best protein shake? Below, we will discuss the comparisons between Vega One vs PlantFusion to help you decide!

Flavor Choices
First of all, let us see the available flavors of both Vega One and PlantFusion. If you are planning to go through a controlled diet program, you may want to have some of your favorite flavor choices so that you will not get bored too quickly with the program. Vega One is better because it has more flavor choices with a total of 8. These flavors include French vanilla, chocolate, vanilla chai, mocha, coconut almond, mixed berry, natural, and natural unsweetened.

Vega One uses stevia as a sweetener agent. It is generally safe. However, if you prefer not to use stevia due to some reasons, you can choose the unsweetened version, which actually tastes pretty nice. See also: Vega Essentials vs Vega One.

On the other hand, PlantFusion only has 5 flavor choices. But the flavors are quite interesting. There are vanilla bean, chocolate, cookies ‘n cream, and chocolate raspberry. There is also a natural unflavored version for those who have to avoid sweetening agents.

Interestingly, Vega One and PlantFusion are actually quite similar that they are both vegan and non-GMO. In addition, these two protein shakes are both hypoallergenic. They don’t contain common allergens such as dairy products and soy.

If we compare the labels of Vega One vs PlantFusion, we will see that Vega One gives more detailed information regarding the ingredients and nutritional values. Its label clearly states how much vitamins and minerals contained in each serving. On the other hand, PlantFusion simply states the proprietary blends’ ingredients without telling how much vitamins and minerals that each serving provides. Nevertheless, both products have good greens and vegetables.

Each serving of Vega One provides 170 calories from 13 grams carbs, 5 grams fat, and 20 grams protein. In addition, each serving also has 242 mg sodium. Compared to PlantFusion, Vega One has slightly lower protein. However, Vega One is better because of the lower sodium. Furthermore, Vega One does come with excellent vitamins and minerals that are essential to support your bodily functions.

On the other hand, each serving of PlantFusion provides 120 calories from 4 grams carbs, 2 grams fat, and 21 grams protein. So, PlantFusion is great for weight loss. However, note that the sodium level is quite high at 390 mg. So, if you choose this product, you should monitor your sodium intake. PlantFusion also has amino acid blend and enzyme blend.

Name Vega OnePlant Fusion
Key Features- Tubs of Vega One includes an inner vented seal, the holes are characteristic of the inner seal. - 20g of premium, plant based protein from pea, hemp, SaviSeed, and flax for a complete amino acid profile - 50% daily intake of vitamins and minerals from broccoli, kale, spirulina, strawberries, and more- Includes 1 (2lb Tub) PlantFusion Complete Vanilla Bean Protein Powder, Non-GMO - Ideal for recovering from daily stress and exercise, managing appetite and improving energy - Nutrient-dense formula includes 21 grams of complete plant-based protein and only 120 calories per serving

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If you want to get enough vitamins and minerals on a daily basis, Vega One makes a better choice. It does a better job in providing various vitamins and minerals with the rich ingredients. The sodium level is also lower. On the other hand, PlantFusion is suitable for weight loss due to the low calorie level. PlantFusion can also support your workouts with the amino acid blend.

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