Vitafusion vs Nature’s Bounty

Good diet and routine exercise will go a long way to improve one’s life quality but, it is unfortunate that not all of us are capable of living such an ideal lifestyle. This is why many people are relying on multivitamin such as those from Vitafusion Vs Nature’s Bounty to help getting the recommended daily nutrients and vitamins intake. If you are also lacking in a healthy diet, go check what these multivitamins can offer and see which of them will fit your needs better.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Are Multivitamins Beneficial
  • What are Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty
  • What Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty Taste Like
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  • What Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty can offer
  • How to Consume Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty
  • Vitafusion Vs Nature’s Bounty

Multivitamin and its Possible Benefits

Nobody wants to suffer from a disease or have a short mortality but, not all of us are aware that our daily lifestyles are affecting these qualities which will be visible in effect after a prolonged time. Diseases are unavoidable for some people but with the fact that many of them are related to what we consume and do on a daily basis makes sense on why we are becoming more aware of our own health in the last few decades.

One of the most common efforts we do to achieve greater health is by consuming multivitamin and while this sounds familiar and normal for the majority of people, science will tell you otherwise in which the best way to stay healthy is still by managing a healthy diet in this case. Multivitamin in general contains a bunch of vitamins with some minerals with varying amounts and differing forms while also may contain other ingredients like herbs, amino acid, and fatty acid.

  • Heart Disease

Almost all of us recognize this disease as the leading cause of death worldwide and it can happen to everyone. Some of you may think that multivitamins will help reduce the risk of heart disease but in fact researchers said the opposite as there is no connection of taking multivitamins in effort to get a better chance with the disease. There are however some finds they do give benefits but this still requires further proves to be said as fact. One of them is in women, taking 3 multivitamins for at least 3 years have linked to a 35% lower risk of dying from heart disease.

  • Cancer

Similarly, the result of multivitamin and cancer is still mixed but what’s surprising is that some are suggesting that they have no effect on cancer risk and some are implying that the solution will increase the risk of cancer. On the positive side there is a review examining 5 randomized controlled trials of 47,289 people found that men who took multivitamin have 31% lower risk of cancer while there is no effect at all in women.

  • Brain Function and Eye Health

Many of us are taking multivitamins as an effort to maintain health and prevent it to deteriorate fast as we age such as maintaining brain function and eye health. Some studies found that the solution can improve memory in older adults including improving moods but research reveals links not only between poor mood and nutrient deficiencies but also between multivitamins and better mood for depression symptoms. Additionally, taking antioxidants, vitamins and minerals based on one study suggest it can slow the age-related macular degeneration.

About Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty

While multivitamin benefits are not prominent or standardized, there is some hope that they can improve our health and depending on your condition, you may need to match the product with the body’s need. In addition, as people are more demanding, there are various forms of multivitamins to take so you can decide which of them will be the best option and in the last few years, beside the traditional pill or capsule form, we also have this gummy candy multivitamin to opt to.

These multivitamins are the easiest to take especially if you are the type who can’t consume pills since it is like taking a gummy candy with fruity taste and pleasant chewy texture. Two of the most popular brands that offer their multivitamins in this form are Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty. These well-known supplement brands are a great choice for those who will be taking vitamins everyday because they are easy to consume and filled with various amounts of nutrients as well as some minerals to support your health.

As a brand of supplement and multivitamins, you will find lots of choices in the catalogue but today, we are going to talk about the specific multivitamins for women and here we will choose the MultiVites and Multivitamin Gummies for women respectively. These two are very popular among women because they are crafted to keep your body healthy by supplying the needed vitamins everyday in the form of delicious gummy but, similar to any multivitamins and supplement, none of them are regulated by the FDA.

This may bring issues because our guide when looking for any solution is their nutrition fact and we pay lots of attention to their amount of serving. Since the products are not regulated, many of them, in fact 80% of similar multivitamins are not containing the same amount of vitamins and minerals as listed on their labels which makes it safer to speculate that these options have less nutrients than what consumer is led to believe. Read also: One a Day Vs Nature Made.

Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty Flavor and Price

Similar to most multivitamins, you will find them in a plastic bottle package containing 60 to more than 100 gummy candy. The form and flavor of each brand however, can be different as manufacturers are trying different combinations. Unlike some popular brands which may be shaped as a character or unique object, Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty are very simple; round and as small as our nails. They do taste great as MultiVites has mixed fruits flavors and the latter with raspberry taste.

There is no strange aftertaste or weird texture at all, they do taste like a fruit candy. Vitafusion contains various colors of gummies inside and the flavor will depend on the color too unlike the single color and flavor of Nature’s Bounty Multivitamin. Price wise, they are quite affordable as well since one bottle with 150 gummies is sold at $9.36 while the latter containing 60 gummies sold at $5.94. These bottles will last for quite some time as well that the cost per day is less than $1.

Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty Ingredients

As it has been mentioned above, the first thing you will want to do when getting a supplement or solution is checking out their ingredients and while gummy vitamins tend to contain less nutrition, it is still a good idea to get familiar with their label. Both of these multivitamins contain vitamin A, C, D, E, B-6, Folate, B-12, Biotin, and Calcium. In addition Nature’s Bounty has Iodine, Zinc, and Collagen while Vitafusion has Chromium, Molybdenum and Sodium. The difference is mainly on the amount of each serving.

In general you will get about a 100% of recommended daily intake of each vitamins while some of them are less but in comparison, Nature’s Bounty contains more or higher vitamins based on the label alone compared to each other. The most prominent vitamin here is Biotin and this is about 600 mcg or 2000% compared t0 30 mcg of Vitafusion. This is probably why this product is popular as a beauty supplement since Biotin is a must-have ingredient for skin, hair, and nails health.

Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty Benefit

Talking about Biotin, this B vitamin is almost everywhere especially in beauty supplements but the fact is, unless you are deficient in this vitamin, taking a huge amount of it may not help with the skin, hair, or nail condition. Its main job in the body is helping to convert certain nutrients into energy but there is less known about the exact mechanism on why it produces the popular benefit. Another example is Iodine in Nature’s Bounty is meant to make thyroid hormones which is important for metabolism.

Chromium in Vitafusion is one of the common minerals you can find in dietary supplements which may improve our body’s response to insulin or lowering blood sugar if you are suffering from diabetes. It may aid your diet for the mineral may also help reduce hunger, cravings, and binge eating.

Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty Dosage

Multivitamins are a convenient method to enrich your diet because we may not get enough from the foods we consume depending on our daily menus but the compact size makes it easier to get overdosed as well especially vitamin A and E which shows a bad effect. Vitafusion and Nature’s Bounty are taken twice daily to keep our body from getting too much of these vitamins but you may want to pay attention to Nature’s Bounty here as it has a higher amount of vitamins per serving compared to Vitafusion.

Vitafusion vs Nature’s Bounty

These multivitamins are a great choice to maintain our health but they are also slightly different and here Nature’s Bounty has more vitamins in their gummy candies than Vitafusion. They do however, have great taste and similarly convenient to take due to the form including for those who dislike pills but they are also different in ingredient type as there are some certain minerals not equally available in both of them.

Name Vitafusion Nature's Bounty
Key Features- A complete multivitamin + Antioxidant vitamins C and E specially formulated to support the specific health needs of women - Clinically Proven Absorption[4] - A convenient alternative to hard-to-swallow pills. - Allergen Information: salmon - Combina vitaminas, minerales, antioxidantes y otros nutrientes de manera uniforme en un cabello, piel y uñas sanos. - Con vitamina C para la construcción saludable de colágeno - Incluye Biotina, vitaminas C y E para contribuir a tener uñas saludables. - Delicioso sabor fresa

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All in all you can pick any multivitamins because their impact to our health will mostly insignificant unless we have certain deficiency but between the two, we prefer Vitafusion as it has more balanced vitamins but if you are looking for a beauty supplements, Nature’s Bounty generous amount of Biotin and Collagen will be a good choice


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